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Musical artist

Mey Chan (born May 30, 1965 in Pasuruan; previously known as Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari) is an Indonesian female solo singer. Mey Chan was born in Pasuruan, East Java, and showed interest in music at an early age, winning a marching band competition while still in elementary school. She began training as a disc jockey while still in junior high school; it was around this time that she first met Syaeful. in September 2008, Mey Chan joined Duo Maia with Maia Estianty. She is currently focusing on producing music with her label, Le Moesik.



Mey Chan was born in Pasuruan, East Java on May 30, 1965. She was a Muslim. She was the first of four children born to Mohammad Yusuf and his wife Hendarsah Sumarni. Her father, Mohammad Yusuf is a Composer, Pianist, Song Arranger and Music Teacher. And her mother, Hendarsah Sumarni is a Qur'anic Teacher, Arabic Teacher and Islamic Teacher. When Mey Chan is five years old, she starts learning music. Mey Chan can play Piano and Keyboard. When she starts in age 10, she must use veil.

Her first album, Istighfar was released in 1995. The first month after its release, the album was able to print double platinum with sales of more than 300 thousand copies. In the album, the song is titled insert Mey Chan Tombo Ati into his solo album. Earlier, Mey Chan incorporate the song into a compilation album Tausiyah Dzikir dan nasyid. Album Istighfar success in the market, to penetrate more than 800 thousand copies and was awarded five platinum as well. Because of her activities in Islamic songs, Mey Chan has been named as an ambassador for the music group Islamic Nasyid by ANN institutions (lembaga nasyid nusantara).

In 1996 a woman who claimed to have had a band that brought the songs of rock's released his second album titled Semesta Bertasbih (1996). In the album there are ten songs, including Taqwa, Irhamna, Takdir, Teranglah Hati, 25 Nabi, Semesta Bertasbih, Satu Rindu, Buka mata Buka Hati and Ya Rasul. The hit song in the album is Takdir had sung together Melly Goeslaw. In addition to Melly, Mey Chan also a duet with Wafiq Azizah, teenagers who excel as an international child qoriah best in songs Yaa Rasul. There is also collaboration with nasyid group Ungu Five Pandavas in the song Clearly Heart. In August 2006, shortly after launching her second album, Mey Chan brought out a book entitled Mey Chan, Oase Spiritual Dalam Senandung.

Before Mey Chan joins in MAIA, she had join in Komet 14 band (when she is in teenager). after leave Komet 14, Mey Chan join Infinity band when she starts study in college. Infinity band brings Mey Chan is known as professional musician. Dimensi Baru band bacomes event show musical ability, after leaving Infinity that was formed with her and her friends. Afterthat Mey Chan join Punk Romance in june 2007.


At 2008, May Chan must pass a strict audition before she is chosen by Maia Estianty for accompany her. Mey Chan get a fear. until she is doubt for accepting Maia's bid. Mey concerned with the pressure in the world of entertainment , especially when that Maia was highlighted as a result of divorce with Ahmad Dhani .[1] But finally Mey joined Maia and released an album under the banner titled Duo Maia, Maia & Friends ( 2008 ) . However the role of Mey Chan in this album is not the maximum, because when Mey Chan join song material is already available .[2]

Personal life

Mey Chan is married to Syaeful Anwar. On May 7, 1995 the couple's first child was born, Larisa Prawitasari. On April 6, 1998 the couple's second child was born, Muhammad Armano Hakiim. On August 13, 2003 the couple's third child was born, Muhammad Agus Abdurrahman.


  • Tak Ada Habisnya (1993)
  • Istighfar (1995)
  • Semesta Bertasbih (1996)
  • Ya Rahman (1997)
  • Cahaya Hati (1998)
  • Di Bawah Langit Mu (1999)
  • Shollu Ala Muhammad (2000)
  • The Best of Mey Chan (2001)
  • Salam Ya Rosulullah (2002)
  • Ya Maulana (2003)
  • Sahabat Sejati (2004)
  • Salam Rindu Ya Musthofa (2005)
  • Maia & Friends (2008)
  • Sang Juara (2009)
  • Maia Pasto with the Stars (2015)
  • Jangan Selingkuh
  • Gengsi Setengah Mati
  • Korban Cinta

  • Indomie (2005-2008)
  • Hemaviton (2005)
  • Segar Dingin (2008-sekarang)
  • KFC (2011)
  • Volkswagen (2008-sekarang)
  • Indomaret (2012)
  • Alfamidi (2015)


  • Mey Chan, Oase Spiritual Dalam Senandung (1996)


  • XXL-Double Extra Large (2009)

Television Series

  • The Remix (NET.) (2015) - with NSG
  • Just Duet (NET.) (2016) as a judge


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