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Migra Studium

Migra Studium Foundation works for the good of migrants in Catalonia, Spain, by welcoming, training, and political advocacy. It was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1992.[1]


"Migra" is short for migration and "studium" denotes an effort or striving for something. Here the striving is for the migrants to realize their full rights as citizens of the land and to be integrated into society, for the benefit of all. MIgra works in collaboration with at least nine organizations in Catalonia and a further five in the rest of Spain, in Europe, and internationally.[2] It works toward this by study of the situation, by social action to achieve integration, and by consciousness raising to achieve more solidarity in society.[3] Courses are offered in language (Catalan and Spanish), in computer science, and for job training (basic cooking,[4][5] electricity, plumbing).[6][7] Interaction between locals and migrants is promoted at the center and through exhibitions for school children,[8] especially on the topic of religious diversity,[9][10] including summer workshops and recreational activities.[11][12]

Migra Foundation decries by way of press conferences the abuses it finds at the major detention facility in Barcelona,[13] and in May 2014 called for its closure.[14][15] It also sponsors lectures on topics like the religious roots of offering hospitality to refugees.[16] Fundraising includes the staging of benefit concerts[17] and dinners.[18] In 2015 the Foundation received a medal of recognition from The Bar Association of Barcelona for its defense of justice and truth.[19]


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