Mohamed Akbar

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Lieutenant Mohamed Akbar, known as Akhbar e Daraz, was the commander of Afghan special forces crisis response team.


He was born 1983 in Andarab District, Baghlan province, Afghanistan.

He completed the police academy in 2008 and joined the special police unit. Upon successfully completing Special Forces selection, he became Crisis Response Unit CRU22 Troop Commander. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in 2014. Since 2009, he participated in responding to over 30 high-profile attacks on targets such as Pashtani Bank, the Ministry of Justice, the Intercontinental Hotel, Serena Hotel, Kabul Bank, the Traffic HQ, Taverna restaurant, Kabul Airport, Independence Election Commission office, Roots of Peace missionary office in Kart e Seh, Abdul Haq circle, Shahr e Now High rise, the Parliament, Green village guest house and more.

Apart from his working leading crisis response, he participated in night raids in various provinces and led his unit in the re-taking of Keran Mujan district, Yamgan district of Badakshan in 2014 and retaking Kunduz province in 2015.[1][2]


He was killed while leading the response to the August 24, 2016 attack on the American University of Afghanistan.


He was married and had one daughter.