North Central Positronics

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North Central Positronics or NCP is a fictional corporation in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

Fictional history

North Central Positronics, also known as Lamerk Industries, appears in multiple works of Stephen King, in the Dark Tower series and related works. It is a huge corporation which manufactures technologically-advanced items such as robots, computers, and weapons.

Many of the products are prominent in the Dark Tower series, where the few remaining North Central Positronics products still functioning have gone insane, preying upon life and the remnants of civilization. This is related to the phenomenon affecting much of reality; everything is falling apart. As stated in the books, the world has 'moved on'.

By the time it is encountered by Roland and his ka-tet, North Central Positronics is part of the Sombra Group, owned by the Crimson King, the personification of Satan and evil in the world of the Dark Tower. The Crimson King's stated goal is the destruction of the multiverse/all reality.

Among NCP's creations in the books are dipolar computers, a number of androids and cyborgs (namely the Guardians of the beams, including Shardik the Bear and Maturin the Turtle), Andy the Messenger Robot, and Blaine the Mono, a sentient monorail system that enjoys riddles.

In The Dark Tower: End-World Almanac published by Marvel Comics, one of North Central Positronics' major products is said to be the "Asimov-class robot".


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