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OnePure is a halal cosmetics company. The company develops and supplies shariah-compliant products used to treat dry skin, acne, age spots, and dark circles. All of their products are developed, packaged, and supplied without using non-halal raw materials. The company is based in Dubai with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and outlets located in the US, Canada, France, Russia, and Egypt. The company has received halal accreditation from JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).[1][2]


OnePure was founded in 2007, by Canadian CityLine[3] make-up artist Layla Mandi.[4][5] During the period of 2007-09, the company completed all the R&D required for the launch of its first line of products including a travel collection.[4]

In July 2009, OnePure's travel collection was launched at the 50 Degrees Boutique in Souk Al Bah'ar in Dubai, on Saudi Arabian Airlines. This was followed by the launch of OnePure's retail line in Galleries Lafayette in Dubai in January 2010. 

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