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Oneworld Accuracy is a Canadian ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited EQA provider of Standardization and External Quality Assessment (EQA) programs around the world.

Company profile

Oneworld Accuracy (1WA) is a social enterprise and EQA provider that evaluate the quality of laboratory testing.

Oneworld Accuracy headquarters are in Vancouver, BC Canada but also has a subsidiary based in Messina, Italy. 1WA also manages a not-for-profit EQA provider, AccuTest, in the U.S. The EQA provider works with members who provide annual program subscriptions to participants in 90 countries. These members are Ministries of Health, National Public Health Laboratories and National Reference Laboratories who have partnered to establish, develop, or improve their national EQA scheme.

The company provides EQA programs in the following disciplines: Chemistry, Point of Care, Hematology, Coagulation, Transfusion Medicine, Clinical Microscopy, Diagnostic Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Serology, Clinical Nucleic Acid Testing, Blood Screening, Andrology, Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology.

Oneworld Accuracy developed an online informatics system to help participants to manage their EQA data and corrective actions. The informatics system is also provided to the administrators of EQA schemes (Collaboration Members) to assist them in the management of their national EQA scheme.


Oneworld Accuracy was founded in 2000 by the current CEO, Daniel Taylor and Dr. David Seccombe. The company started as an EQA provider in Canada. In 2003, Oneworld Accuracy began managing AccuTest in the U.S. AccuTest is a not-for-profit EQA (proficiency testing) provider approved by the US CMS meeting CLIA regulations for EQA provided to US laboratories. It is also approved by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) and state regulatory agencies to provide EQA programs to laboratories being certified over overseen by these organizations.

In 2005, the National Serology Reference Laboratory (now NRL), a WHO Collaborating Center out of Melbourne Australia, joined the collaboration by using OASYS to manage the data for its Serology and Nucleic Acid Testing EQA programs being provided to their participants in the Asia Pacific region. Oneworld Accuracy with the help of NRL, enhanced OASYS to be able to handle the informatics for programs using assays.

In 2010, Oneworld Accuracy began working with the Patient Safety and Monitoring for International Laboratories (pSMILE) program out of Johns Hopkins University. The pSMILE program works with clinical trials laboratories around the world to improve the quality of their laboratory testing.

By the year 2015, Oneworld Accuracy has worked with the local governments in over 35 countries throughout South and Central America, Africa, the Caribbean, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Standardization and EQA programs

Oneworld Accuracy Standardization programs aim to standardize instruments and reagents with reference methods for reporting of certain analytes. The standardization programs are programs free of preservatives and stabilizers and are essentially pure human samples. These programs have analytes that are targeted by a reference method and utilize a Multiple Assessment Criteria. Multiple Assessment Criteria provides the participants with four levels of evaluation in the attempt to guide participants to have their results fall within the narrowest acceptable range, the ‘Optimal’ range. These programs are vital in ensuring that patient results will be the same regardless of the instrument used or laboratory doing the testing.

Laboratories must be enrolled in external quality assessment programs to objectively estimate their ability to precisely report results for patients.The Minister of State for Health of Nigeria, Dr.Osagie Ehanire, Collaboration Member of Oneworld Accuracy confirms that : "This initiative on quality assurance will make the whole system better, adding that creating quality and accuracy in diagnosis will go along way to improving patient care and curb healthcare spending".[1]

The EQA provider should provide them statements of the quality and precision of their testing procedures. EQA and Standardization programs consists of several rounds per year called also Test Events. In each Test Event, participants receive either samples or clinical photographs representing typical patient samples. The participants must test these samples exactly as they would test patient samples and submit their results to the EQA scheme organizer.

The participants submit their results to the EQA provider through a secure channel, results are then compared to a reference value or a peer group determined target value to verify if any results exhibit bias or an unexpected imprecision. At the end of each round, the EQA organizer sends out a report explaining the precision of the participant results to highlight areas for improvement to the participating laboratories and oversight bodies.

With Oneworld Accuracy, participants send their results through OASYS for performance evaluation. At the end of each test event, Oneworld Accuracy sends out performance reports to the participating laboratories. Performance reports cover a historical comparison of past EQA performance with graphical representation, current performance with statistical analysis and peer group comparison of all method and platform peer groups created in that test event. Annually, certificates of participation and performance are provided to participants that meet the criteria.

OASYS, "Oneworld Accuracy System"

OASYS, “Oneworld Accuracy System”, is an online informatics system that Oneworld Accuracy created to manage EQA data. Oneworld Accuracy operates, hosts and improves OASYS based on the feedback from participants and Collaboration members. The online software, is available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish. Each participant is provided a username and a password to login. This access allows participants to manage their profiles, registration, submit results and view their performance online. OASYS allows for the creation of networks to allow select individuals to view the performance of a group of laboratories that they oversee. OASYS has 3 consoles to provide members; a Console to manage all shipping requirements and paperwork, a Console to manage the setup of new programs using their own samples and the evaluation of the performance in these programs, as well as a Console which helps members manage the EQA programs their participants are subscribed to and renewing these programs from year to year.

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