Patricia Louise Dudley

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Patricia Louise Dudley was an American zoologist. She was born on May 22, 1929 in Denver, Colorado and died on September 30, 2004.


She earned her degree at the University of Colorado where she studied under the direction of Robert William Pennak, a specialist in limnology. She obtained her Master of Science by completing her thesis on the subject of fauna present in four brooks in Boulder County, Colorado.[1]

Dudley later worked at the University of Washington with Paul Louis Illg where she contributed research on aquatic organisms including crustaceans known as copepods and invertebrates known as tunicates throughout the various stages of their development. She defended her thesis entitled "Development of Notodelphyid Copepods and the Application of Larval Characteristics to the Systematics of some Species from the Northeastern Pacific" in 1957.[2] During her time in Washington, she worked at the biological station of Friday Harbor, Washington.[no citations needed here]

Following her graduate studies, she joined the faculty of Columbia University in 1959 where she taught zoology at Barnard College, a position she would hold until her retirement in 1994.




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