Rebecca Brown (Christian author)

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Rebecca Julia Brown is a Christian author and former doctor known for her series of books and other publications about Satanism. According to Brown, there are Satanic recruitment camps throughout the world which train future Satanists and witches.


In the mid 1980s, Rebecca went to Jack Chick, owner of Chick Publications, who published two cassette tapes: Closet Witches 1 and Closet Witches 2, and two books: He Came To Set The Captives Free (1986)[1] and Prepare for War (1987).[2] Rebecca Brown's stories were the basis for the Chick tract The Poor Little Witch, which portrayed witches recruiting school children into Satanism and infiltrating Christian churches in order to buy off ministers with bribes.[3]Template:Failed verification

Her other books are Prepare for War, Standing On The Rock, Becoming A Vessel of Honor, and Unbroken Curses.


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