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Red Crucible is a first-person shooter browser game, free to play developed by Rocketeer Games Studio using the Unity game engine[1] officially released on August 26, 2010.[2] It was also released on the Mac App Store,[3] on Facebook, on Kongregate, and as standalone for both Windows and Linux. It was released on Steam on May 29, 2015.[4] The soundtrack was composed by Steve Mazzaro.[5]


The first version of the game was relatively small. It contained only four vehicles per team and the player couldn't exit these tanks. Since Red Crucible 2, players can customize their loadout and appearance and many features were implemented such as the clan system.[6] A major update, that changed the name in: 'Red Crucible: Firestorm', has been released on April 15, 2015 on all playable platforms.[7] Firestorm features new contents such as a new user interface, improved graphics, redesigned maps, new guns, vehicles and items.[4] A match can have up to 20 players, there are 6 arenas designed for different types of game modes: infantry, vehicle or air. There are 6 game modes. Moreover, there are 4 player classes: assault, sniper, support, or demolitions.[1]

Game modes

There are six game modes in the game which are:

  • TDM: Resources: team deathmatch 10 vs 10, the team with the most kills wins the match.
  • Search & Destroy: one team has to plant a bomb, the other one has to defuse it.
  • Survivor: free for all match. The player with the most points accumulated wins the match.
  • TDR: armored: team deathmatch with vehicles and aircrafts, the team with the most kills wins the match.
  • Territories: teams earn points by securing capture points around the map. If a team gains enough points, or has the most points when the match timer ends, wins the match.
  • Conquer: teams gain points by capturing a random designated location on a map. The team with the most points wins the match.


Firestorm has six different arenas which can be unlocked by levelling up, they are:

  • A7 Autobahn: it is an arena named after the German highway between the two villages in the map. The blue team spawns in one village while the red team spawns in the other.
  • Frankfurt: it is based on the German City of Frankfurt, the largest city in the German state of Hessen with a bridges and 2 towns where red and blue team spawn.
  • Sand Storm: it is a map that features a desert and a 2 small desert base where the 2 teams spawn. A castle is located next to the blue base often camps.
  • Red Dawn: it is a regional styled airport in east Germany.
  • Kiev: it takes place on a medium aircraft carrier the SS Kirov.


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