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File:Pen click.jpg
A pen being clicked.

Retractable pens are a type of ballpoint pen that have a feature that allows the tip to be revealed and hidden by pressing a button.


The Frawley Pen Company, founded in 1949 by Patrick J. Frawley, has claimed to make the "first pen with a retractable ballpoint tip" in 1950.[1][2]

Retractable Pilot Pens

Habitual pen-clicking

In its normal use, the button is only pressed when someone wants the ballpoint of the pen to be exposed so they can write with it. This makes a noise, which varies in tone, dynamic and timbre depending on the size and make of the pen. When the noise is heard repeatedly it can have a psychological effect on the doer or anyone in the vicinity.[3] It has also been described as a nervous habit in the form of fidgeting.[4]

In popular culture

In an ad for Kohl's clothing lines, Jennifer Lopez, who plays a fictionalised version of herself, annoys her colleagues by pen-clicking.[5]


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