Rideau Brothers

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Joseph "Joe Joe" Rideau (Sep 30, 1979 - October 28,2001) and Christopher "Chris" Rideau ( April 5, 2001 - July 10, 2011), were well known Criminals from New Orleans, Louisiana. Authorities said the brothers terrorized the streets of New Orleans and built a reputation as brazen gangsters. For years the duo were implicated in a host of crimes, but they were rarely convicted because of reluctant witnesses and missing evidence that doomed cases. In 2001 the brothers' rain of terror would come to a violent end after a violent stand off in which the elder brother Joseph was killed. The wild incident made national headlines in the media. Christopher was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in the incident and was released from prison in 2010 with time off for good behavior. In 2011 he was viciously gunned down in New Orleans.[1]


Raised in an impoverished area in Algiers both brothers began a life of crime at an early age. Both where in and out of jail for a number of serious crimes such as rape, murder and robbery. Before his death Joseph was wanted on a string of armed robberies on the West Bank that police say were motivated by his need to feed a serious Heroin addiction. In a Times Picayune article the brothers where described as "legends of the streets who somehow, always stayed at least one telephone tip ahead of the law." Joseph cemented his reputation in 1997 when, according to police, he leaped from a third-floor balcony to dodge an arrest warrant for murder.Christopher, younger and even more flamboyant, found himself painted with the same brush.[2]

2001 Standoff

In October 2001 NOPD began a 28-hour search for Joseph Rideau, for an outstanding warrant. The brothers where finally spotted October 27 in a car and a chase ensued in which dozens of shots were fired from the rear of the car. During the chase, officers of the Crescent City Connection Police Department joined the pursuit, and shots were fired at them. The police were unable to stop the car as they were out gunned by high-powered assault rifles which helped them escaped to a getaway vehicle. Later that day authorities tracked down the gateway car in front of a home in the 157 block of Pinewood Ct. Upon entering the home, While some officers provided a shield for the other officers, the shielded officers shot tear gas canisters into the residence. After the canisters were deployed, the officers heard the sound of shots from an AK-47 assault rifle. Officers pulled back into safer positions. Around daybreak, the brothers emerged from the residence. Whiteness stated Joseph was armed with a AK-47 assault rifle with a scope and a.75-round banana clip. The rifle was identified at the trial. Both brothers armed with rifles. Joseph shielded himself from the police with a female hostage. According to police, Joseph held the assault riffle to the women's head and ignored orders to surrender. After a 12-hour standoff Joseph was killed by a sniper. Christopher later surrendered and was arrested for attempted Murder,carjacking, kidnapping and armed robbery.[3][4]