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Template:Infobox organization Salsa Labs, Inc. is a Washington, D.C.-based corporation that provides online organizing and communications tools on a software as a service basis.

Salsa Labs maintains the Java software platform Salsa. Using Salsa, organizations are able to manage supporters, communicate, fundraise, advocate, and set up events as well as plug in applications produced by third-party developers in the Salsa Market.

Salsa Labs was co-founded by April Pedersen and Chris Lundberg.[1] Its formation was preceded by DemocracyInAction, a nonprofit organization Pedersen and Lundberg co-founded in 2004 to make online organizing, fundraising, and advocacy tools accessible to smaller nonprofits working to advance social, political, and environmental causes.

Veteran software industry executive William Donnelly joined the company's management team as President in April 2011. Prior to joining Salsa Labs, Donnelly served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Fishbowl, Inc. and as a senior vice president for Vocus.[2]

On August 1, 2011, Salsa Labs announced a $5 million capital growth investment by the New Jersey-based investment firm Edison Ventures.[3]

Salsa Labs partnered with Lobbyit, a lobbying firm, in 2013. The partnership combined Lobbyit’s lobbying services with Salsa Labs’ advocacy platform.[4]

Salsa Labs claims that it supports "over 2,000 user groups' relationships with over 40 million supporters, members, donors, activists, and fans all around the world."


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