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The concept of the Seven Sons of China comes from a famous group of poems wrote by the Chinese poet and scholar Wen Yiduo. The Seven Sons stand for seven regions that were separated from their motherland, China, before the World War II. The poems were created during March, 1925, when Wen Yiduo was visiting the United States.[1] The poet, Wen Yiduo wished the country could be unified and strong again, and all the colonies set up by the foreign powers could be terminated.

The literature contains seven poems in total, and each poem describes one "son" (one region/colony). Moreover, the poem of Dalian listed two regions, Lüshun, and Dalian, which used to be called Lü-Da, while nowadays, Lüshun is only a district of Dalian. The poem of Taiwan actually also include Loochoo islands, which is occupied by Japan currently. Kowloon and Hong Kong are separated in this literature, while they are both under the Hong Kong Special Administration Region today. The name of each region was also varied at that time from today. For example, Weihai was called Weihaiwei; Zhanjiang was named Guangzhouwan.

In 1999, the Chinese government used one poem for the literature, Macau, as lyrics, to create a very famous and popular song the Song of the Seven Sons, and let a little Macanese girl named Winnie (容韻琳) to perform that song in Mandarin Chinese and English during the ceremony of Macau's return to China.The lyrics are shown below:

"Your canning know "MACAU" isn't I a true be, I leave you too long, Mother! But their capturing what to go to is my body, You still take care of the soul of my heart, Permit:your canning know "MACAU" isn't I a true be, I leave you too long, Mother! But their capturing what to go to is my body, You still take care of the soul of my heart, Match:300 in the last years dream the sleeping doesn't forget of natural mother, Please call the pet name of the son: Call my 1-Macau. Mother!Mother! I want to come back, Mother!Mother!"

Poems of the Seven Sons[2]


We are Lüshun, and Dalian, the twins How to describe our fate? ——

Two powerful neighbors torture us again and again,

We are two pieces of mud under the foot of two mobs.

Mother, it's time for return, bring us back as soon as possible.

You don't know how we miss you!

Mother! We want back! Mother!


Let me watch the oldest sea of China again,

Saint's hill is on the coast.

Mother, don't forget I'm the guard of the sea,

I have Liugong Island as my shield.

Help me out, it's time to return.

Saints' bodies were buried behind me!

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Taiwan (Is composed into song)

We are the chain of pearls from the East China Sea,

Loochoo are my little brothers, I'm Taiwan.

Zheng's soul is still in my chest,

Loyal blood inspires my family tradition.

Mother, the hot summer is draining me,

Give me an order, I could still fight back.

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Guangzhouwan (Is composed into song)

The East China Sea and Naozhou are my set of keys,

I'm the last lock on the back door of Shenzhou.

Why you lend me to a thief?

My mother, you shouldn't abandon me!

Mother, let me get back to your knee,

I'm going to hold your ankles tightly.

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Kowloon Island

My bother Hong Kong is complaining about its pain,

Mother, do you still remember your young daughter Kowloon?

Since I was married the demon from the sea,

My eyes are always covered by tear!

Mother, I count the time for return every day,

I'm afraid that might just be a dream.

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Hong Kong

I'm like the leopard that guarding the Han Palace,

Mother, though I'm lower class, my location is critical.

Now the creepy sea lion crashes onto me,

Eat my flesh, chews my fat;

My mother, I'm screaming, you not response.

My mother, let me hide in your huge!

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Macau (Is composed into song officially)

Your canning know "MACAU" isn't I a true be,

I leave you too long, Mother!

But their capturing what to go to is my body,

You still take care of the soul of my heart,

300 in the last years dream the sleeping doesn't forget of natural mother,

Please call the pet name of the son:

Call my 1-Macau.

Mother! I want back, Mother!

Overview of the Seven Sons

Native Name Historical Name States Cession Year Return Year Admin. Level Now Divisions Now Area Now km2[3] Population

Now in Million

Dalian 大连 Dalniy, Dairen Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1858 1955 Sub-provincial City 7 Districts, 2 Cities, 1 County 13,238 5.91 Jiaoliao Mandarin
Weihai 威海 Weihaiwei Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1898 1945 Prefecture-level city 2 Districts, 2 Cities 5,797 2.54 Jiaoliao Mandarin
Taiwan 台灣 Formosa Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1895 1945 Political entity 2 Provinces, 6 Provincial Cities 36,192 23.52 Standard Mandarin,Hokkien
Zhanjiang 湛江 Guangzhouwan Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1899 1945 Prefecture-level city 4 Districts, 3 Cities, 2 Counties 11,692 7.85 Cantonese
Kowloon 九龍 N/A Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1860 1997 District of HK SAR N/A N/A N/A Cantonese
Hong Kong 香港 N/A Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1860 1997 Special Administrative Region 18 Districts 1,104 7.31 Cantonese
Macau 澳門 N/A Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1887 1999 Special Administrative Region 7 Districts 32 0.59 Cantonese
Lüshun 旅顺 Port Arthur Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1858 1955 District of Dalian 12 Subdistrict N/A N/A Jiaoliao Mandarin
Loochoo 琉球/沖縄 Zhongshan Kingdom Template:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:FlagiconTemplate:Flagicon 1879 N/A Prefecture of Japan 5 Counties 2,249 1.42 Ryukyuan, Japanese


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