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Sheila Browning (born 18 November 1916), also known as Sheila Garrett, was an American dancer and film actress.


Sheila Browning was born Bonnie B. Garrett in Marionville, Missouri, USA, on 18 November 1916. Her parents were Albert A. Garrett and Lucy C. French. Browning was one of the 30 beautiful "Ziegfeld Girls" in the lavish and expensive film production The Great Ziegfeld.

Family life

In 1934, Sheila was introduced to actor Henry Wilcoxon by her elder sister Lynn, an actress. Wilcoxon disliked her stage name "Browning", preferring her true surname, "Garrett". After the premiere of The Great Ziegfeld in Los Angeles, she married Wilcoxon, at the Beverly Hills home of his friends Heather Angel and her husband Ralph Forbes, on 28 June 1936.[1] They travelled to Egypt in May of the next year, and in London they saw friends and members of his family.

They had booked seats for the coronation of George VI in Westminster Abbey, but did not attend as Wilcoxon had to return to Hollywood for retakes of Souls at Sea. Soon after enjoying a large and lavish party at their Malibu Canyon home, among others attended by her sister (Lynn Browning]], Henry's brother (Robert Owen Wilcoxon), and actors Fred MacMurray, Ray Milland, Colin Tapley, Ralph Forbes and Heather Angel, Browning sued for divorce, stating "Both Henry and I have known for some time this would never work out". They were divorced on 2 July 1937, when her age was listed as '19'.[2]

Wilcoxon said that when Sheila Browning contacted him late in 1940, she announced that she was a good pilot and an army flying instructor. Henry compared her appearance then, in army kit and hair cut short "in the best military fashion", with her appearance when they were married: "...long titian hair and bee-stung lips."[3] In 1946 Browning married George Alfred Moszkowski, born in Warsaw and 20 years her senior, at the US Embassy in Havana. The couple lived in Cuba before they settled down in New Jersey. She later lived in London, but returned to the U.S. before her husband died in 1952, after which she reverted her name to Sheila Garrett.[no citations needed here]

Selected filmography


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