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SKOS Shuttle is a free thesaurus management service which allows NGOs, educational institutions and students to develop, import, maintain and operate thesauri in SKOS. Other institutions can use it freely to some extent or against very low monthly fees. An extended editor allows to define all essential SKOS elements in one concept and to relate them using standard SKOS relationships.

SKOS Shuttle has a powerful SKOS editor which allows to model a thesaurus in all its essential SKOS elements and relationships. It allows to model each concept in a concise and ordered way in one single page. In this concise concept representation the taxonomist can edit the concept elements, add/change labels or e.g. add SKOS relationships to it. Besides this representation the taxonomist can as well view and edit the RDF statements used to describe the shown concept. A history management module stores every change in the thesaurus and allows to undo any operation. For instance deleting an added concept or the changes to a label. Furthermore SKOS Shuttle allows to use major extensions of SKOS by allowing custom attributes and custom relations. Custom attributes are attributes used to connote a concept by defining propertie. A “city" concept might for example have a population (as a number) and an area (expressed in square meters). Custom relations extend the standard SKOS relations by allowing any kind of (bidirectional) relationships between concepts, e.g. defining important modelling relations like “part-of”, “containing” or “processes” augmenting thus drastically the representational power describing and interrelating a concept while still preserving a SKOS basic layer.

SKOS Shuttle offers the possibility of working with up to seven different triple stores compliant to SPARQL 1.1 in case they are reachable over the internet.

It allows the synchronization of RDF Thesauri hosted in different triple stores by automatically calculating and sending RDF differences generated by editing one of the thesauri - allowing e.g. one thesaurus controlling side to apply changes to a thesaurus, which are then automatically propagated to connected thesauri in a production environment and this in basically any connection scenario given.

SKOS Shuttles’ API has a full set of commands which permit to query/modify the RDF information of a thesaurus in other applications. E.g. by querying any SKOS Shuttle thesaurus in order to search for concepts containing some text, to automatically modify or construct a thesaurus or to simply modify RDF statements to the thesaurus containing triple store.

SKOS Shuttle was developed and completely privately financed by Semweb LLC and is currently used to support thesaurus development and thesaurus learning at universities.


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