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Social Build is a free to play 3D multiplayer social-sandbox styled game which allows players to create their own personal avatar and build their own games using the built in game editor workshop. Using an integrated virtual currency, players can purchase items on the marketplace such as hats or clothing to add to their character, or they create items to sell to gain currency. Social Build was created as a debut built on the already popular online game, Roblox, as a spin-off to the platform with the intentions to improve on the community aspects and create a platform that is more directed to community feedback. Social Build combines social features with the ability for users to create their own worlds as part of creating a platform dedicated to creativity and nourishing players imagination. Unlike the Roblox platform, Social Build is more directed toward ease of use, social interaction and is marketed toward teenagers rather than younger children.

History and development

Social Build was created by founder and co-founder Haddin Meier and Hassan Jama in 2017 as a recreation inspired on the ideas of the already popular and closely related game, Roblox as to reinvent the wheel of game creation platforms.

Initial Development (2017)

Social build Icon.

Social Build began its development process in March of 2016, following after the closing of the online game "BLOX City".


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