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  • ...eto Kaiba" with "page=Seto Kaiba (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. ...uch smaller. This appearance in the manga is also the only time he is seen with a Domino High School uniform, aside from a few episodes in the second serie
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  • ...were all sent to junior high school in Selkirk. That's when Rick moved in with Chris to get away from his stepfather as well as to be close to school and ...this "charismatic man". He would do anything for anyone, share all he had with those that needed it.
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  • ...(goddess)|Flora]], the goddess of flowers, is blown by the wind and rides with a tippler, money changers, and a two faced woman. They are followed by diss ...s to an entity which has a separate legal identity from that both of those people who carry out its activities and those who have rights to its property. Ori
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  • The wrestler slaps both ears of an opponent simultaneously with the palms of his hands, distorting their balance.<ref name=moves>{{cite web a splash, a body press involves a wrestler falling against the opponent with the core of their body. It is executed from a running or jumping position,
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  • ...puters, parts used in every mode of transportation, solar power panels and wind turbines. ...[[yearly|annual]] [[AFPM]] meetings are attended by several [[thousand]] [[people]] from all over the [[world]].
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  • {{Multiple issues|Citation and evidence needed with cleanup=March 2014|refimprove=March 2014}} ...Isaac was responsible for the loss if his job. Isaac was shot in the face with a 38 bullet in a neighbourhood sweetshop on the morning of Sunday, soon aft
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  • ...c" with "page=Yoroshiku Mechadoc (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. ...ra Ryuji ]] of [[ Japan ]] [[ Comics] ] work . I'm mainly a stock-car race with [[ Tuning ] . <br />
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  • ...= [[List of Dungeons & Dragons deities#Ranks of Divine Power|Power level]] ...f the sea and, revelling in her own power, she is not hesitant in drowning people at sea, if she so pleases.
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  • ...g to Furnass the Sustainocene would transition to a [[low carbon economy]] with the help of sustainable and [[ethical]] governance, supporting [[interdepen ...urnass Slideshow" /> He also suggests to switch to [[organic agriculture]] with local food production and to implement more [[Social equality|equality]] wh
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  • ..." with "page=Economics of Ra.One (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. ...|url=|title=G.One, with the wind|publisher=''The Week''|date=October 24, 2011|accessdate=May 6, 2012|author=
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  • ...of Stars in Their Eyes episodes (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. | "[[I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)]]"
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  • ...met Princess Sally Acorn, leader of the Knothole Forest Freedom Fighters. With a common goal of revenge against Dr. Robotnik, and freedom against his tyra Since then, Sonic has battled against Dr. Eggman, his nemesis, with only few reprieves. Sonic also became the mortal enemy of many various othe
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  • ...f-with-blm-ends-in-a-tense-roundup Rancher vs BLM: a 20-year standoff ends with tense roundup], Christi Turner, [[High Country News]], April 11, 2014</ref> After making remarks discussing whether black people would be better off as slaves than under government subsidies, Bundy was wi
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  • In 1975, Williams graduated with a BA (cum laude) in sociology and psychology from Brandeis University. She ''Any Way the Wind Blows''] New York: Random House ISBN 978-0-385-72118-9</ref><ref>George, Ne
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Anthem of the People&#39;s Republic of Donetsk|timestamp=20140514162842|year=2014|month=May|day= <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Anthem of the People&#39;s Republic of Donetsk|date=14 May 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  •]], 5 December 2007: “The power of symbols to both inspire and unite people finds its most relevant and meaningful perfection in the national flags and * In the center is the Earth with a white background symbolizing peace and purity while the green represents
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  • ...d this hybridization helps us to grow faster and Buldana urban become more people friendly. ...e the sole business of credit union but credit union must do something for people or member for whom it is working and then start the rise of social banking.
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  • ...ceived a bachelor of architecture from the [[University of Oregon]], along with graduate studies at the [[University of California, Berkeley]] where he ear ...ould span {{convert|13|km|mi}} and include a floating island equipped with wind-powered and underwater turbines, capable of powering most of [[Morocco]] an
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  • ...a]]n arcade game producer. The game is typically played on a [[dance pad]] with five arrow panels: up-left, up-right, bottom-left, bottom-right, and a cent ...cing disciplines. However, the game still caters well to technical players with a vast array of high difficulty songs and stepcharts.
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  • ...he construction and implementation of the first 100MW grid connected solar power plant in the country. ...mplishments, he has been deeply involved in academic activities, primarily with universities in Pakistan. He has also demonstrated his leadership in socia
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