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  • ...early childhood educator''' is a [[teacher]] who works with young children in a classroom setting. This occupation emphasizes two goals of [[early child #the focus of protecting and caring for the child in the absence of his/her primary care giver.
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  • ...アンドウィザーズ)|Majikku ando Wizāzu}} in the Japanese manga). In all mediums, his arch-rival is the protagonist of the series, [[Yugi Mutou] ...a more prominent role than he did in the manga and being a major character in all of the anime's [[filler (media)|filler]] arcs.
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  • ...chise has varied with its many differing incarnations over more than forty years. ...failing to attain sufficient ratings numbers to continue; it was cancelled in the spring of 1969.
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  • ...e the health of lesbians and the [[LGBT]] community through representation in the larger health care institutions and research. ...nd [[Woman Vision]]. She received the Astraea Philanthropic Activism Award in 2001.<ref name=autogenerated1 />
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  • '''Spider Monkey Optimization''' (SMO) is a recent addition in the field of nature inspired optimization algorithms developed by Bansal et ...orld optimization problem. The algorithms that have been emerged in recent years are Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) [7], Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) [1
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  • ...te=July 2011}} a scientist and manager at [[Sandia National Laboratories]] in [[Livermore, California]]. Earlier in his life, he was a member of the somewhat notorious [[Tiger Force]].
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  • ...contemporary indigenous development of [[Vedism|Vedic]] forms of religion in [[Russia]], [[Siberia]], other [[Slavic countries]], the [[Commonwealth of ...on of Vedic fire rituals, and Slavic Vedism arose as a distinct phenomenon in the 2000s.<ref name=""/>
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  • ...other. His main idea is that art does not stand apart from everyday life, in his works he emphasizes the impact of art on all other fields. teacher in an orphanage. In 2012-2013 he owned an art-cafe "Amarcord" in Tbilisi.
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  • ...Elvis Has Left The Building]]'', starring [[Kim Basinger]]. Her next film (in pre-production) is entitled ''[[10A/10B]]''. ...ion courses at [[New York University]] following her BA in Art History and Philosophy from [[Hebrew University of Jerusalem]].
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  • The '''Spirit Room''' is a non-profit organization, located in [[Fargo, North Dakota]], United States, whose mission is to “enrich peopl The Spirit Room was formed in 1997 when Dawn Morgan and Marilynn Quam joined Paddy McLaughlin at “Namas
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  • ...hows as well as Political shows on the radio. Marcus Blake makes his home in the Dallas, Texas and is a National Literary Awards Winner. He won the 2008 ...sed him to be discharged from the military. He briefly served as a teacher in the public school system but quickly left to pursue writing.
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  • ...pening in the Fall of 1990. It was named a California Distinguished School in 1994. ...S practices the tenets of the IB philosophy and pedagogy, which is evident in the teachers' instruction.{{Citation needed|date=October 2009}}
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  • '''Dong Han Kang''', general manager of a trading company in Shanghai,has donated 1.23 milion yuan of his company profits to charity. Ka * 2005 Letter of Application from the Korean Consulate General in Shanghai
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  • ...e 11 Edu-clubs is the India's first Collaboration initiative for Wikipedia in a School.<ref>Dinamani, ''Siruvar Mani'', 2013-09-14, page 27, Tamil wikipe ...ution of the Clubs]]. The Constitution consist of a total of 208 Articles. In the administrative wing the students are elected through various levels, de
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  • ====The memory in fading India ({{Lang-ja|薄れるインドでの記憶}}) / 5====
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  • This is a list of notable '''Italian [[genius]]es''', presented in chronological order by date of birth. ...of the dome over the [[Cathedral of Florence]]. Furthermore, his interest in mathematics led to his invention of [[linear perspective]],<ref>Lindberg, D
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  • and welfare and to protect and further their rights as citizens. In addition it promotes Clubs, Societies and other non-academic activities and ...hey would not be permitted to vote on any resolution until the late 1970s. In 1978 the newly established DIT Governing Body was given an order by the CDV
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  • ...t Head of Theatre at the [[Lebanese University]] (IBA II). He is an expert in "Creative Pedagogy" and Therapy through actor training. He is the founder o ...Algeria 2010; in addition, several performances were given in [[Lebanon]] in 2005–2010.
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  • ...e or headgear effect on the growing [[maxilla]]. The result is an increase in the overall length of the front [[teeth]] and restriction of maxillary forw ...not a functional orthopeadic appliance like the other appliances mentioned in this descriptor; rather it is a therapeutic appliance specifically designed
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  • ...w:NGO|Non-governmental organization]]<ref>In India, NGOs can be registered in four ways: Trust, Society, Section-25 Company, Special Licensing. Registrat ...Varanasi]] - India, in 1994, by a group of students and scholars of Indian philosophy to promote Indian studies and interfaith dialogue.<ref>{{Citation | url = h
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