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  • Grassi grew up in Arlington, Texas. He is of Italian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry, born to Mike and Nel Grassi.{{citation needed|date=June [[Category:21st-century American singers]]
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  • style of the United States influenced by a different nation such as Scottish, European and West African... And the music styles are multitudinous such a ...dition= 2nd|location=Toronto |oclc=45730847 }}</ref> there are many famous singers and composers in Canada. In addition, Canada developing many concert hall,
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  • ...e Shakeel Badayuni, Sahir Ludhianvi and Majrooh Sultanpuri. Popular Indian singers of Muslim faith include Mohammed Rafi, Anu Malik, Lucky Ali, Talat Mahmood According to Thomas Munro, a Scottish soldier and the first collector of Canara, around 60,000 of them,[171] near
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  • {{short description|Scottish singer-songwriter}} '''Emily Middlemas''' (born 26 September 1998) is a Scottish singer-songwriter, best known for finishing fourth in the [[The X Factor (U
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  • 2018 the short film “Come In ”, directed by Pedana and starring the Scottish actor and long-time friend [[Ken Stott]], has been presented at the [[Trans [[Category:21st-century Italian singers]]
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  • Gina V. D`Orio played synths for Winona, band of Scottish composer Craig Armstrong and worked as a singer for many different projects [[Category:German female singers]]
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  • [[Category:Scottish female singers]] [[Category:21st-century Scottish singers]]
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