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  • * Financial and advocacy support to stateless Palestinian Iraqis to improve their living conditions ...l politicians and governments, community organisations and refugee support groups.
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  • |method = [[Civil society campaign|Campaigning]], [[Advocacy]], [[Charity (practice)|Charity]] ...lectorate of Gays And Lesbians''' ('''LEGAL''') was a statewide non-profit advocacy organization in Louisiana whose mission was "to end discrimination based on
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  • ...nd Our Friends held periodic meetings modeled after lesbian pot luck or CR groups, designed to re-educate women about the power of philanthropic giving. The ...nding Same-Sex Marriage: Volume 3 the Freedom-To-Marry Movement Education, Advocacy, Culture, and the Media''], Mark Philip Strasser, Traci C. West
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  • ...the Good Urban Governance Campaign. Those two campaigns were conceived as advocacy instruments to promote security of tenure for the poorest populations and i ...s forums, youth associations, media, professional associations and women's groups.
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  • | focus = Social dialogue, advocacy, policy research, media production ...her persons, especially when motivated by the desire to disempower certain groups or categories.
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  • ...ial for the victims of the violence. The KPSC supports activities by other groups that are addressing the crisis in Kenya.
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  • ...on as a defender of a nation's worldview.<ref name="ReferenceA"/> Bush’s advocacy of stronger security and aggressive military campaigns also gave him an edg ...flicting beliefs. The researchers cited multiple studies where MS divided groups, not bringing them together.<ref name="Arndt, J. 2002"/><ref name="Greenber
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  • ...paper=TIME|date=30 April 2012}}</ref> The suit claimed that the triathlon groups' rule, adopted in March 2010,<ref name=TimeBlackout /> requiring Scheidies the Law" by [[Michigan Lawyers Weekly]] for his work in disabled rights advocacy.<ref>Pennefather, Megan. "Attorney Richard Bernstein recognized as Leader i
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  • ...of enterprise societies, with the aim of creating a network of student-led groups on campuses in the UK. In theory, these societies in turn provide peer-to-p ==Advocacy & Policy==
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  • ...ehensive Examination of Factors Affecting the Success of Under-represented Groups in the Public Relations Profession ...ference/ |title=Former AS intern honored at national conference |publisher=Advocacy Solutions |date=October 30, 2013}}</ref>
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  • ...Environment and Public Works, and as a direct result of Morgan Alexander's advocacy, a citizen and city staff committee began meeting to discuss streetcar feas ...], Eric Anderson, in early 2007 started holding meetings with neighborhood groups in Downtown Tacoma and in the surrounding neighborhoods concerning the issu
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  • ...t acceptable social interactions. This program helps individuals with Self Advocacy, Self Care, Vocational and Community Integration. This program can be carri People with disabilities are one of the largest groups of unemployed adults. These people face discrimination when it comes to lac
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  • ...unemployed struggles through the Groundswell network of claimants' action groups. There is also a student membership, of whom many, including non-student me ...stitutions, unlike a number of [[socialist]] and [[communist]] parties and groups. It promotes [[grassroots]] direct [[activism]] against the [[State (polity
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  • ...t, TEA of Utah, collaborating with local and national transgender and ally groups, has organized this event. *Individual advocacy in the workplace regarding discrimination.
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  • ...o many sources of information including speakers, tours, films, discussion groups & daily updates. Astronomical observing trips and tours of local space faci [[Category:Space advocacy organizations]]
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  • ...f Douglas McGregor, who was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2010; hence her advocacy for the cause, and Dawn LaCosta. ...10 |accessdate=2010-09-10}}</ref> She was also awarded for her Outstanding Advocacy and works in October 2013 by Autism Radio. <ref>{{Cite web|url= http://www.
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  • ...ate=2011-04-09}}</ref> and has worked with City Hall and regional advocacy groups including Elm City Cycling.<ref>{{cite web|author=By Mary E. O’Leary, Reg
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  • ...of Ducan and the other national directors. Other Canadian world federalist groups functioned independently, while supporting each other's efforts. Duncan con ...United Nations" among others. The group was involved in limited political advocacy, and a lack of travel funds strained their connection to the international
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  •</ref><ref>Staff reporter. 2004. ‘Peace groups to hold rally before going to big protest’. Chicago Tribune, 14/3/04. htt
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  • ...factures and commercializes medicines with input from [[patient advocacy]] groups. Marathon’s regulatory efforts center on gaining [[FDA]] approval of [[Ne ...ional Organization of Rare Disorders]] (NORD) and similar patient support groups.<ref>{{cite web|title=Patient Support Program|url=
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