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  • ...1960s to the 1980s to them. Over the long period of production, different writers have suggested different dates on which the stories are set, resulting in s |"[[A Town Called Mercy]]"|| 1870<ref>The marshal states that [[American Civil War|the war]] has been over for five years.</ref> ||align="center" bg
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  • '''Paul Zane Pilzer''' (born January 17, 1954) is an American [[economist]], ''[[New York Times]]'' best-selling [[author]],<ref>[http:// ...&previousCapId=66304588&previousTitle=The%20American%20Academy,%20LLC "The American Academy, LLC"], ''BloombergBusinessweek''</ref>
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  • .../ref> Jerome Mackey was given the name "Mr Judo" in an article in [[Look (American magazine)]].<ref></ref></ref> Among his students was American Chess Master [[Bobby Fischer]].<ref name="QUhAAAAIBAJ 2960">
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  • ...extremes in the 18th and 19th centuries. Though the 19th century European writers had seen India as a cradle of civilization, their romantic vision of India ...wo London editions followed within three years. Jones also discovered that chess and algebra were of Indian origin. Every branch of Indian studies owed som
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  • ...rk]]) is the author of ''Robert's Rules of Poker'', and an [[United States|American]] [[poker]] player, based in [[Saginaw, Michigan]]. ...n chess, and has been awarded the Life Master title by the [[United States Chess Federation]].
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  • includes non-controversial ones the band correctly attributed to other writers from the outset. ...owever, Dixon was not given a lyric writing credit for the song. In 1972 [[Chess Records]] brought a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement
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  • * [[bohemian]] — term referring to artists, writers, and other people who wished to live an unconventional, vagabond, or "gypsy * [[Detroit]] — the American automobile industry
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  • {{Infobox chess player ...onal Archives and Records Administration (NARA)|title=Reports of Deaths of American Citizens Abroad, General Records of the Department of State, Record Group:
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  • '''Fred Waitzkin''' (born in 1943 in [[Massachusetts]]) is an American novelist and writer for ''[[The New York Times]]'' ''Sunday Magazine'', ''[ He is the father of [[chess]] prodigy [[Joshua Waitzkin]].
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  • ...r 13, 1976 || Profile of Elaine Yoneda, a woman interned with her Japanese-American husband in a resettlement camp during WWII || San Francisco, California || ...nesday, September 15, 1976 || Vilma Martinez, president of MALDEF (Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is interviewed || Los Angeles ||
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  • ...n June 1, 1989), better known by his [[stage name]] '''Tokyo Dee''', is an American [[hip hop]] recording artist, songwriter and actor<ref name="imdb">[http:// ...nd chess.<ref name="chess">[ "Chess In The Schools"]</ref>
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  • ...t and expert player, as well as a former lawyer{{cn|date=July 2018}} and [[chess]] champion{{cn|date=July 2018}}. He has been the editor of ''[[Bridge Magaz ==Chess accomplishments==
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  • ...trovka. She is kind and responsive. She is not married, she has Edward, an American fiance.From 9 season trying to strike up a romance with Maxim. ...tion because of his bad eyesight. He is interested in modeling sailing and chess. He replaces Ilkovsky who left to work abroad. He was indifferent to Selska
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  • ''[[Avengers: Infinity War]]'' and ''[[Avengers: Endgame]]'' are American [[superhero film]]s based on the [[Marvel Comics]] superhero team the [[Ave ...ding to Markus, and also chose "[[The Rubberband Man]]" by [[The Spinners (American R&B group)|The Spinners]] as their opening song.<ref name="VultureCharacter
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  • | [[File:Chess pictogram.svg|25px|link=]] Chess 3-point shot yet; Recognized as one of the basketball greats by sports writers in the 1960s; An athlete for all seasons – played in four Ateneo varsity
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  • ...dents develop their own comedic voices while evolving the art of comedy as writers and performers. ...ary = The Museum of Math, or MoMath, is the first of its kind on the North American continent and aims to prove that math is both all around us and more exciti
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