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  • ...was raised in a Catholic family, but became a [[Protestantism|Protestant]] Christian at age nineteen.<ref name="aboutus">{{Cite journal | url = ...gists, including [[James White (theologian)|James R. White]], [[Dave Hunt (Christian apologist)|Dave Hunt]], [[Michael Horton (theologian)|Michael Horton]], [[R
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  • '''James Patrick Holding''' (born 1968) is a [[Christian apologetics|Christian apologist]] best known for ''Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministry'', a ...istries as well,<ref>Holding, J. P., "Mary Magdalene's Modern Makeover", ''Christian Research Journal'' 29 (2), 2006, pp. 6-8
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  • ...rspective of Young-Earth Creationism}} This approach has a deep history in Christian thought: prior to the mid-18th century, the age of the earth was calculated ...the late 19th century, Old earth cosmologies dominated, and few Christian apologists did not accommodate scientific geology and paleontology (the study of fossi
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  • ...enters for Apologetics Research (CFAR). He is also a noted member of the [[Christian countercult movement]]. Romeiro is the senior pastor of Igreja Cristã da Trindade (Trinity Christian Church) in São Paulo and professor in the [[Universidade Presbiteriana Mac
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  • | work = article in the Christian Science Monitor | publisher = [[Christian Science Monitor]]
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  • ...erica?from_search=true Crucifying America: The Unholy Alliance between the Christian Right and Wall Street]'', in November 2013. He published ''[ ...-anti-muslim-white-supremacy-movement-426032443 whites supremacists]," and apologists for Western [[imperialism]].<ref name="Imperialism">{{cite web | url=http:/
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  • ...90.1 Hope FM, discussing theological and contemporary issues regarding the Christian faith.<ref>{{cite web|last1=Together|first1=Baptists|title=Seidel Abel Boan [[Category:Christian apologists]]
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  • ...Law states, "Since they participate in the mission of the Church, all the Christian faithful have the right to promote or sustain apostolic action even by thei ...ort to advance claims about global warming is "hostile to Christianity and Christian truths" and that "given the intricate decades-long unfolding of this whole
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  • ...pastor. Morecraft is a leading figure in the [[Christian Reconstructionism|Christian Reconstructionist]] movement. *''With Liberty and Justice for All: Christian Politics Made Simple''.
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  • ...// ''From Parchment to Pixels: The Christian Countercult on the Internet''], [[Douglas E. Cowan]], [[Center for Studies ...elize to cult members. He used the expression again in his next book ''The Christian and the Cults'' ([[Zondervan]] 1956, p.&nbsp;6). Positive use of the term "
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  • When faced with criticism of Muhammad's actions, apologists will often resort to protesting and gloating in equal measures: ...he second most revered prophet of Islam. Does this mean Muslims consider a Christian scientist to be a greater and more moral man than one of Islam's very own p
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  • ...ion regarding the [[omnipotence]] of the Judeo-Christian God. Scholars and apologists however have given various ways to reconcile the apparent discrepancy, whic
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  • {{about|the Christian apologist|other uses|Christian Prince (disambiguation)}} {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Christian Prince (Pseudonymous Christian Apologist)|timestamp=20190319105212|year=2019|month=March|day=19|substed=ye
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  • ...6&nbsp;– 1979). This logical fallacy has commonly been used by religious apologists as an explanation as to why these prominent figures committed such extensiv ...4045|title=Kierkegaard's Writings, XIX, Volume 19 : Sickness Unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition for Upbuilding and Awakening|last=Kierkegaard|firs
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