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  • replace "page=Hasidic childbirth customs" with "page=Hasidic childbirth customs (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. -->{{Article for deletion/dated|page=Hasidic childbirth customs|timestamp=20140113023747|year=2014|month=January|day=13|substed=yes|help=of
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  • ...nant. Later, the consignment of new fabrics from Bangkok is confiscated by customs. come back to give her official letter of resignation and to fulfill her duties during the notice period. Jassi also asks Armaan when she can sign Gulmohur
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  • ...fs are considered to be both spiritual and political leaders. Some of the duties of that position were: officiating at marriage ceremonies, death ceremonies ...tage Award, “for mastery of and creative commitment to local traditions, customs and arts and for dedication to community and to the teaching of others.”
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  • ...negalese courts solutions he advocated, particularly in the application of customs in time [[Serer people|Serer]] and [[Ouoloff]] Islamized on devolution matr ...youth.</ref> Subsequently, he places pedagogy at the heart of her teaching duties, including going beyond the strict study of the legal rule to enlighten oth
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  • ...rgy in the 13th century, the disgruntled people denouncing evil habits and customs that prevailed among the Orthodox [[priest]]hood in the Russian Church. The ...ssive disorganization later will cause a split Strigolniki. Representation duties eventually abolished in the Russian Church, but it will happen much later,
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Customs Clearance China|timestamp=20140812044652|year=2014|month=August|day=12|subs <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Customs Clearance China|date=12 August 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...tml Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach] whose teachings centered on Hebrew Messianic customs and traditions. Duties of all grades of members as well as those of spiritual and administrative o
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  • ...g women and families to enroll their children in school. Among some of the duties of members of the Women's league included engaging in economic planning, ag
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  • ...u would eventually dominate the Sao, but not before adopting many of their customs.<ref> Urvoy, ''Empire'', 3–35; Trimingham, ''History'', 104–111.</ref> ...y]], if the recalcitrant people had to be conquered), sales of slaves, and duties on and participation in [[trans-Saharan trade]]. Unlike West Africa, the Ch
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  • had prior worked for the British Minister and "his knowledge of French customs made him particularly valuable at official functions."<ref>{{cite journal|l
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  • ...t]] and [[Megadeth]] (Voivod were billed, but they were held up by Belgian Customs and did not play the gig). ...Pawel Matuszkiewicz ex Tempest on guitar, Coke himself also took on vocal duties as well as lead guitar.
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  • He will perform the administrative duties at the ward level – propagation of tauheediyah teachings, administration ...are at least five women disciples. Women ward heads will perform the same duties in women wards. <br/>
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  • ...s as its own religious tradition, as it has markedly different philosophy, customs, and rituals. They have many ''[[Tasawwuf]]ī'' characteristics and express ...[[Ramadan]] is obligatory although some Alevi-Turks performs their fasting duties partially in [[Ramadan]].
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  • ...patience. She is quick to verbally berate any Autobot found shirking their duties - usually [[Side Burn]].{{cn|date=February 2015}} (albeit good-natured and helpful) nature seems to get in the way of her duties from time to time. She's a decent athlete and dedicated to helping others.
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  • ...lar to [[America's Got Talent]]). She was the host and MC where one of her duties was to interview each contestant.<ref>{{Cite web|url= ...e series will cover the most common and valued cultural aspects, including customs and religions for each minority group. It will not only show viewers the la
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  • ...rity the fines are as follows (these chiefs are connected on the roads and customs): ...d the chief. There is no fine imposed on the woman for not performing her duties.
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  • time TVA's headquarters were located in the [[Customs House|Old Federal Customs House]] at the corner of Market Street and Clinch Avenue. The offices of th ...w the medical care of about 1500 TVA employees. In addition to his medical duties at the Knoxville TVA office, he was sometimes called upon to conduct tours
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  • hair and a cute disposition. She works at a hospital and handles her duties as a doctor and a nurse. While fighting, she uses doctor's equipment to her to be called, is a college student who loves doing traditional Japanese customs. She takes out a [[ninja]] who tried to harm her and her friends. The color
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  • ...lating in this country, and of all salaries, taxes, incomes, expenditures, duties and trade profits is the same petrodollar revenue.<ref>[
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  • ===Economics of customs evasion=== ...> Chowdhury has explained that, when an opportunity exists, the level of [[customs evasion]] depends on two important factors, namely, probability of detectio
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