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  • replace "page=Hasidic childbirth customs" with "page=Hasidic childbirth customs (2nd nomination)" below before proceeding with the nomination. -->{{Article for deletion/dated|page=Hasidic childbirth customs|timestamp=20140113023747|year=2014|month=January|day=13|substed=yes|help=of
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  • ...nant. Later, the consignment of new fabrics from Bangkok is confiscated by customs. ...a crafty woman similar to Kimi to help take Aryan down. Shiuli offers her services, but Armaan later tells Jassi that Shiuli is unpredictable. Shiuli then fir
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  • | industry = [[Financial Services]] ...|FCA]] authorised provider of [[foreign exchange market|foreign exchange]] services, with branches in the UK and Australia.
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  • ...d oldest park of its kind in the governorate where I knew a lot of values, customs and traditions of rural. In this regard, there began with a group of native ...ina International Fair for Food Industries allocated for food products and services.
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  • ...n Hong Kong to be issued with a Money Services Operator (MSO) license by [[Customs and Excise Department (Hong Kong)]].{{citationneeded | date=February 2014}}
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  • ...a Continuation of the Neshani Hyduri|date=1997|publisher=Asian Educational Services|page=14}}</ref> But when Tipu left, two Nairs (Munmate and Ranga) came to ...a Continuation of the Neshani Hyduri|date=1997|publisher=Asian Educational Services|page=33}}</ref> <ref name=Moegling1>{{cite book|last=Moegling|first=H|title
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  • ...negalese courts solutions he advocated, particularly in the application of customs in time [[Serer people|Serer]] and [[Ouoloff]] Islamized on devolution matr ...include, during this period, financial and investment planning, works and services of general resources, legal and insurance, vice president of the Urban Comm
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  • Orthopraxis would include attendance of church services which are designed to benefit the practitioner of the Eastern Orthodox fait Fellowship) |quote=''The pagan religion was about orthopraxy, doing the customs correctly. Your "believerhood" at a temple had more to do with entering the
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  • ...Papua New Guinea by assisting with education and healthcare, by respecting customs and environment, by improving livelihoods, by keeping the story of Kokoda a ...e Track to ensure that aid posts and health centres remain open and health services are available to local villagers. The foundation also funds and delivers vi
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  • ...oject administration, accounting, promotion, fund development and computer services. The relationship established with Earth Island Institute acknowledges the ...ers acclimate to their new surroundings, introduce the local languages and customs, and prepare for their projects.
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  • ...vy, the Indian railways and the central treasury, and other administrative services. ...e concentrated in the states that are lagging behind in social reforms and services which have shown higher birth rates than other states. However, the Sachar
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  • | services = ...ent of Rio's companies - as regards to management, processes, products and services - there are the ''Technology Centers SENAI Rio'', focused on the areas of a
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Customs Clearance China|timestamp=20140812044652|year=2014|month=August|day=12|subs <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Customs Clearance China|date=12 August 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • | publisher=[[U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement]] ...y the [[Cuban Directorate of Intelligence]] and other Foreign Intelligence Services around the world. The successful conclusion of the Alvarez investigation i
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  • ...]], [[web applications]], [[web marketing]] and [[social media marketing]] services, and [[motion graphics]]. ...Media Group's Work [ "West Coast Customs Season 2 Episode 13 Micro-Stang"]</ref>
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  • |known_for = [[Order of the British Empire|OBE]] for services to [[SSAFA|Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Family Association]]; [[Deputy Lie |occupation = Civil Servant (HM Customs & Excise); Colonel in the Territorial Army
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  • ...tml Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach] whose teachings centered on Hebrew Messianic customs and traditions. ...laws of Yahweh but frowned against added laws in what he termed as Hebrew customs.
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  • ...hat provides customs and immigration services for incoming flights. These services allow the airport to serve as an initial [[port of entry]] for foreign visi ...irectory of CBSA Offices |accessdate=2013-08-22 |publisher=''Canada Border Services Agency''}}</ref> ''(see also [[List of international airports in Canada]])'
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  • ...r lines and approaching folklore, were harshly persecuted by the police of customs until the 60s of XX century.<ref>BARBOSA, Wilson do Nascimento. Da `Nbandla ...f addressing the growing number of followers of Umbanda and other "psychic services". This subdivision was called 'Secretariat of National Defense of the Faith
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  • a discothèque, and phone based customer care representative for cable services and valentines shopping network. A similar character also appeared earlier ...xhibits Asian stereotypes. In one sketch, while at [[Customs#North America|Customs]], it is revealed that Ms. Swan is from the fictional country of Kouvaria,
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