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  • ...ers, [[hybrid vehicle]]s, battery [[electric vehicle]]s, and [[fuel-cell]] vehicles. ...ety of [[alternative fuel vehicle]]s have been proposed or sold, including electric cars, [[Hydrogen vehicle|hydrogen cars]], [[compressed-air car]]s and [[liq
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  • * [[Kia Soul EV|Kia Soul Electric Vehicle]] (PS EV) (2015–2019) * [[Kia Niro|Kia Niro Electric Vehicle]] (DE EV) (2019–present day)
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  • ...t as well as another startup that deals with the design and manufacture of electric planes for the same purpose in the near future. He is involved in efforts t
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  • | data1 = Electric unitary vehicles ...manages the system without any human labour involved. It is powered by an electric engine, which is also used to reduce speed and regenerate energy, without c
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  • [[Image:Electric gun.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Modern Mechanics and Inventions, June 1932]] ...lso describes combinations of propulsion methods used in tandem, including electric gun launch of a vehicle with onboard rockets, compressed gas jets and even
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  • ...a professor at Cambridge in 2010 in "Death of the Doctor". Conversely, the vehicles, costumes and props are consistent with the episode's 2013 filming & airing ...lights for Christmas, placing him after the popularisation of inexpensive electric fairy lights in post-depression/post-war Britain.</ref>||presumably Christm
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  • ...e vehicles|url=|publisher=Cnet|accessdate=2014-04-13}}</ref> Bombardier worked fo ...take his descriptions, basic engineering, and project goals to render the vehicles.<ref name=driving/> Bombardier does not patent his designs and publishes th
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  • With [[induction plating]] embedded inside these roads, electric cars can be recharged while in motion on top of these roads. This would red ...c warnings or crosswalks, and excess electricity could be used to charge [[electric vehicle]]s or routed into the power grid. The electrical components will be
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  • except those installed in the vehicle/boat/device itself or in adjacent vehicles/boats/devices. ...]], Electromagnetic compatibility - Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus - Part 1: Emission.
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Owning an Electric Car|timestamp=20140630133646|year=2014|month=June|day=30|substed=yes}} <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Owning an Electric Car|date=30 June 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...rove to be environmentally unfriendly, in which repurposing vehicles for [[electric car conversion]] can be the recommended alternative to that, though its cos ...ions for airbag compatibility before airbags were even available for these vehicles, seeing as one would think that airbags are incapable of being retrofitted
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  • Also, fuel cell, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is used to take out the electric power. But the fuel cell alone is not enough, so the [[thermoelecrtic trans machines and the equipment of emitting gas from factories, as well as vehicles in the future.<ref>Hatayō, I. (2013, May 9). Haikigasu de 400W hatsuden d
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  • | data21 = Explodes (Original, Go!, & Epic) <br> Electric Shockwave (Short Fuse) <br> [[Force(Star Wars)|Force Push]] (Star Wars) <br ...As seen on [[Bad Piggies]], they are also fond of building things, such as vehicles and such. Even though the pigs conflicts with the birds numerous times, min
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  • ...ber 2011}}, the KTM 450SXF is the only mass production 450 class bike with electric start. 450cc motocross bikes have become so popular that the 250cc racing ...l 2004, most [[all-terrain vehicle]] (ATV) riders who wanted to race their vehicles would build expensive quads by modifying a [[Honda TRX250R]] or a [[Suzuki
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  • ...nsport design company based in Belgium that is developing new generation [[electric trikes]] with high payload capacity. The special frame allows in its strong The Johanson3 electric [[scooter]] concept is to replace current polluting and inefficient means o
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  • ...ds to connect flexible electricity demands such as heat pumps and electric vehicles to the intermittent renewable resources such as wind and solar power.
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  • ...from [[golf cart]]s to utility to [[neighborhood electric vehicles]]. The vehicles can be used for luggage, as a shuttle, maintenance, or for recreational act
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  • Cold starts are more difficult than [[Electric ignition|starting]] a [[vehicle]] that has been run recently (typically bet ...les. The higher [[Revolutions per minute|revs]] that can be achieved using electric [[starter motor]]s improves the chance of successful [[Combustion|ignition]
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  • ...They would lose a point if overtaken and gain a point for overtaking other vehicles; all of their Alfas broke down due to mechanical failures and broken parts. ...s and Richard were temporarily separated when their last train on [[Keihin Electric Express Railway|Keikyū]] was split. The final distance to the goal had to
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  • ...on this project.<ref name="wsj-original">{{cite news |title= Apple’s New Electric Car Could Give Tesla a Run for Its Money |url= ...e Hired to Build an Electric Car |url= |access-date= February 25, 2015 |work= [[9to5Mac]] }}</ref><ref>{
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