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  • ...pare time writing another book, "The Power of Christianity", to prove that Christianity was built on exercises that were later taken out and also to demonstrate th ...k, based on supposed scientific experiments, shines a new light on eastern esoteric traditions. It was followed in 1988 by volume II that describes new applica
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  • | era = [[Christianity]] | notable_ideas = [[Christianity]], [[Second Coming of Christ]], [[Paneurhythmy]], [[Root race#The sixth roo
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  • ...ened after he met Abdullah, an Ethopian Jew who lectured on [[Esoteric]] [[Christianity]] and taught both Goddard and [[Joseph Murphy (author)|Joseph Murphy]]. Nev
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  • ...e web|url= |title=Christianity and Astrology | |date=2006-12-16 |accessdate=20 ...believed that "God's sun" had "died" for three days and was "[[Born again (Christianity)|born again]]" on December 25. After December 25, the Sun moves 1 degree, t
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  • ...19th century by [[Ludwig Feuerbach|Feuerbach]]<ref>In ''On the essence of Christianity'', 1843 he condemns free will ([ ...ealing with everyday facts of common experience, as distinguished from the esoteric researches of theoretical physics. But determinism, as applied to human beh
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  • ...rank Eickermann to be a millionaire declare him as a founding leader of an esoteric Messianic [[religious movement]].<ref name="welt">{{citation ...hich is a global [[Nepal]]ese [[world peace]] movement. Former [[Minister (Christianity)|ministers]], [[ambassadors]] and [[Spirituality|spiritual]] authorities ar
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  • ...b|url=|title=Christianity 2015: Religious Diversity and Personal Contact|date=|website=|publisher=|ac ...owledgeable and upright descendant of al-Hasan and al-Husayn, and are less esoteric in focus than [[Twelvers]] and [[Ismailis]]. [[Zaidis]] are the most akin s
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  • | known_for = Islam, Gospel of Jesus wife, Christianity, Dead Sea Scrolls, The Criss Cross of Simon .... In addition to the late 'red and green ink" a practice which begun after Christianity and Islam, he further challenges its antiquity by the discovery of what app
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  • ...Chakras and Qi. It embraces physics and neuroscience, whilst also valuing esoteric traditions like Kabbalah. In addition, human capacities linked to intuition
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  • *''The Esoteric Teachings: A Christian Approach to Truth'' (1992) *''The Esoteric Practice: Christian Meditations and Exercises'' (1994)
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  • ...ristian origin, because [[science]], at least, approve objectivity, while "Christianity preaches exclusivity."{{sfn|Kalnitsky|2003|pp=129–30}} ...eligion," which she considers an "[[exoteric]]," and to create an "elite [[esoteric]] ideational source," available for qualified, properly trained persons.{{s
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  • ...vival of Themes from the Ancient Royal Cult in Sectarian Judaism and Early Christianity|date=2005|origyear=1987|location=London|publisher=[[Sheffield Phoenix Press ...Judaism]] or to Christianity, and that survived only in [[Jewish mysticism|esoteric traditions]] unlikely to have touched [Joseph] Smith directly" - ''[[The Am
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  • ...West and East" in modern Theosophy, adding into Western civilization the [[esoteric]] Eastern wisdom.{{sfn|Godwin|1994|p=xv}} For the modern Theosophy, which Hammer considered as a standard of the esoteric tradition, conventional science is called upon to play "two diametrically o
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  • ...Especially notable is the prevalence of devotional forms and [[Esotericism|esoteric]] themes so that neo-völkisch currents often have the character of [[new r ...and [[Wotansvolk|Nordic racial paganism]]) to [[neo-Nazi subcultures]] ([[esoteric Hitlerism]], [[Nazi Satanism]] and [[National Socialist black metal]]). Acc
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  • ...g Astrology</ref> was a 20th-century American alternative health writer, [[esoteric]] author and [[mysticism|mystic]], who also adopted the names '''Kenyon Kla ...ed many introductions to the systematic reprintings of rare, out-of-print, esoteric books published by Health Research of [[Mokelumne Hill, California]] during
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