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  • <!-- Instructions: All fields and invisible comments should be left intact for future editors, even if curren <!-- Full template and instructions at: -->
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  • | caption = UML Modeling, Business Modeling and Software design ...s processes; and modeling industry based domains. It is used by businesses and organizations to not only model the architecture of their systems, but to p
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  • ...States, France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Estonia, and others. ...ties: high up-front costs. The principle consisted in “on-tax bill solar and efficiency financing,” whereby repayment of the investment in measures is
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  • ...packing list and the [[Cost, Insurance and Freight|CIF]] (cost, insurance and freight) must be provided for the shipment. It is also important to make su ...[[tariffs]], contingents of imports and licenses, processes for [[import]] and [[sales]] of Non-Chinese goods are often complicated.<ref>[http://www.pfalz
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  • ...tion of product certification. It controls compliance of product standards and quality of various goods that are sold on the Chinese market. ...àng Jiāndū Jiǎnyàn Jiǎnyì Zǒngjú)) and the CNCA ('''Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China''', [[Chines
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  • ABassC], a text-based scorewriter for Palm OS and PocketPC * [ abcjs], which includes an editor and engraver in Javascript
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  • ...ty''' Project works to advance this vision by identifying, contextualizing and promoting efforts in the space. ...lisher=Readwrite |accessdate=21 December 2012 }}</ref> as well as [[Digg]] and [[Microsoft]].
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  • the north; Lejo Payam and Tore Wandi of Mundri County to the north-west and Girim (Lorega) Boma of Mukaya payam to the west. ...ical but the weather regime is fast changing; becoming arid with less rain and long dry spell.
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  • ...uild and repair ships, [[Fishing boat|Boat]] making, Business at [[ports]] and [[harbors]], etc. ...m directed by [[Kamran Qureshi]] and Iram Qureshi, written by Ayesha Farid and produced by Imran Wai Qureshi for Evergreen Media Europe.
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  • ...te Economy Report|date=2014|publisher=The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate|page=8|url= == Global Commission on the Economy and Climate ==
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Supporters and Opposers of Iran Nuclear Deal|timestamp=20150814221235|year=2015|month=Augu ...sion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Supporters and Opposers of Iran Nuclear Deal|date=14 August 2015|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...], [[stock]]s, [[futures contract|future]]s, [[options (finance)|options]] and [[Contract for difference|CFD]]s. The platform consists of three functional parts: server, back office and front-end suite: desktop, web, mobile.
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  • ...hat may include [[heterogeneous network]] terminals such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. ...rk access protection.<ref></ref> It provide Windows, Linux and Mac NAP Agents.
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  • ...nufacturing, shipping and logistics, information technology, and aerospace and defense companies. eCustoms' corporate head office is located in [[Buffalo, ...[[MIT]],<ref name=MIT></ref> [[University of Texas]],<ref name=UTA>ht
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  • ...ral spaces. Every nation has the obligation to preserve its cultural goods and to valorize it for the benefit of the entire humanity. ...opment and territorial planning, administration of farming terrains, soils and woods.
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  • ...f name=CBSafl /> Clinton promised that "We are going after all these scams and make sure everyone pays their fair share here in America."<ref name=CBSafl ...}}</ref> Also, [[McClatchy Newspapers]] report that the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates have close ties to several individuals who have used [[Mossa
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  • '''POOLSAFE''' is a novel swimming pool water treatment for the detection and elimination of excess cyanuric acid. a disinfectant. This increases the risk of recreational water illnesses and acceptable levels of CYA are therefore regulated by law.<ref>Real Decreto 7
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  • ...ten''' (born July 25, 1965 in [[Turnhout]]) is a Belgian composer, pianist and producer. ...ord. Around the age of 15 he started to show an interest in pop/rock music and following his studies in mathematical economics, he threw himself fully int
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  • ...ion-critical environments to determine the violator of the security policy and the actions they performed. Audit does not provide additional security to y * Date and time, type, and outcome of an event.
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  • .... If this was because the article had been nominated for deletion before, and you wish to renominate it, please replace "page=Thatcher–Blair consensus" ...ncome have become much richer, whilst families dependent on state benefits and wages have experienced a decline in living standards.
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