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  • in the ''[[Ever After High]]'' [[series]] by [[Mattel]]. They are all [[fictional characters]] that are in the ''Ever After High'' webisodes or doll franchis ...or shoes and has a big collection of them. She has the ability to speak to plants and animals, which is why she is an environmentalist and vegan. Ashlynn is
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  • ...tion)|settings]] taking place on dates across a wide span of time in the [[fictional universe]] of ''Doctor Who'' – the "[[Whoniverse]]". ...oversy regarding these stories]]. Other stories take place on the timeless fictional planet of [[Gallifrey]]; stories set there can be attributed to a distinct
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  • '''The Legion''' are a fictional group of lost souls who are trapped inside the comic book character [[Spawn ...asleep and drowned while his mother was confronted with a woman covered in plants who promised to allow him to return. She was on the verge of suicide and o
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  • well as surface constructions such as offices, chemical waste disposal plants, and personnel dormitories (even cafeterias, where Gordon Freeman can destr White Forest is a fictional mountainous region in Eastern Europe that forms the setting for ''[[Half-Li
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  • [[Category:Fictional plants]]
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  • '''Darwin IV''' is a fictional [[planet]] that was the subject of [[Wayne Barlowe]]'s book ''[[Expedition ...wo on each fin. They feed on the semi-liquid membrane of the jelly-bladder plants. [
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  • The following is a passage from ''Mushroom Minutiae'' (a fictional book of [[mycology|mushroom science]] quoted in ''The Grim Grotto''): A (fictional) excerpt from ''The History of Lucky Smells Lumbermill'' reads:
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  • This is a list of notable and recurring fictional characters from the ''[[Angry Birds]]'' series of video games and media pro | data23 =Pigs , Anything that harms nature , When someone ruins her plants
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  • '''Inspector Chan Ka-kui''' (Chinese: 督察陳家駒) is a fictional character and the main [[protagonist]] in the [[Police Story (film series)| ...ts, and he is reinstated and assigned to solve the case of the bombing. He plants a [[covert listening device]] in the mall property company's office to try
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  • Controlling plants and/or animals Controlling plants and/or animals
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  • ...periment to replicate [[Starscream (Transformers)|Starscream's]] [[Mutant (fictional)|mutant]] indestructible spark was what resulted in Rampage's creation, mos ...t and in conjunction with radiation it mutated many species of animals and plants that are now a part of post-nuclear wasteland.
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  • ...arallel world tenuously connected to Earth via magical portals or items; a fictional Earth set in the remote past or future; or an entirely independent world se ** a [[fictional setting]] –
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  • * '''2006''' - Fictional veterans of the Fighting 69th are portrayed in season three of HBO's Deadwo
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  • ...Invid]] species. It was later stolen by the elders of the planet [[Tirol (fictional planet)|Tirol]], when a young scientist named Zor learned that inhibiting t [[Category:Fictional plants]]
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  • The [[Discworld (world)|Discworld]] is a fictional planet featured in [[Discworld|the novel series]] of the same name. The wor ...l flora includes the [[sledgehammer]] plant, one of the Disc's carnivorous plants.
    64 KB (10,557 words) - 05:02, 5 July 2015
  • '''Nidor''' is a [[fictional planet]], the setting for two [[science fiction]] books of the 1950s, [[The ...imilar to that of Earth, at least on land. There are tree- and shrub-like plants, and the ubiquitous ''peych-bean'' which is the staple of life, providing f
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  • {{About|the semiconductor equipment maker|"Ultratech" the fictional company in the videogame series |Killer Instinct (video game series)}}
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  • The fictional universe of the '''''Star Trek''''' [[Star Trek|canon]], which evolved out ...ce performed experiments using carbohydrate compounds to slow the aging of plants.<ref name="The Deadly Years">''TOS'': "[[The Deadly Years]]"</ref> It is th
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  • ...o known as the '''Plant Master''', '''Floro''', and '''the Seeder''', is a fictional character appearing in [[American comic books]] published by [[DC Comics]]. ==Fictional character biography==
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  • ...r#Freezer|freezer]] named the Chiller, where the gang turns into [[zombie (fictional)|zombie]]s and Orange performs a parody of ''[[Michael Jackson's Thriller ( |ShortSummary= The fruits play against the Zombies in a parody of [[Plants vs. Zombies]].
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