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  • ...Politics in Nigeria: The Writers’ Perspective” published in Knowledge Builders Journal. Vol. 5. No 1. September, 2010. ...a Plot Generator in Flora Nwapa’s Efuru and Idu published in Knowledge Builders Journal. Vol. 6. No 1. August, 2011. (Co-authored with Akabuike Ifeoma)
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  • ...e Winslow from its beginning in 1872. OVPI will protect the building as a home and museum. As a museum, operated by OakView Preservation Incorporated, Oa ...ommonwealth of Massachusetts, Industrialists of antiquity, builders of the home and Victoriana.
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  • | native_name = <!-- Company's name in home country language --> ...road building program.<ref name=mca-p></ref> As a joint venture with Mac Builders,it won contract package 3 worth [[Philippine peso|P]]2.46 to rehabilitate 6
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  • ...d District, and contribute to the bettering of their community. It is also home of the Annual St. Baldrick's on Maine Day Head Shaving event. to school and community while developing leadership and people skills. Builders Club members implement practical service-learning principals as they focus
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  • ...ishes from various parts of Southern Illinois provided funds and volunteer builders. Volunteer tradesmen gave their time on weekends to provide plumbing and ca ...Chick Fritz, and one of Mr. Monds employees, Tommy was welcomed to his new home where he would live for the next 28 years. In order to lure the bear from t
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  • ...e third largest Muslim population next to Indonesia and Pakistan. India is home to 10% of the world's Muslim population. India has a rough estimate of 176 India is home to many eminent Muslims who have made their mark in numerous fields and hav
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  • ...serves as the major point of entry for cargo and passenger vessels and the home of the oil depot of Phoenix Petroleum in Panay. On the other hand, [[New Wa ...rlito S. Marquez, Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings, Inc. and Blue Chip Builders, Inc. have agreed a Memoramdum of Understanding to jointly build tourism in
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  • ...He holds a patent for an at home powdercoating system for do it yourself builders and was featured in multiple magazines including Hot Bikes.<ref>{{cite web|
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  • ...he Federal National Mortgage Association) and [[Freddie Mac]] (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association)'s bankruptcy.<ref>"Housing and Economic Recovery ...eceives the greatest support. To meet the energy standard for an efficient home, heating systems, [[thermal insulation|thermal wall insulation]], roof and
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  • ...|publisher=ICFAI University Press Hyderabad, scanned copy presented on the home page of Prof. Vishal Gupta |date=2006-05-1 |accessdate=2014-05-02}}</ref><r Article on Institution Builders and Silent Workers of Institutions]
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  • |Builders=Marinette Marine # [ YP Squadron Home]
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  • ...80128.PDF Ein Haus für die Welt] Der Spiegel - Ein Haus für die Welt (A home for the World) (German PDF Format)</ref> ...f-a-moladi-home-for-a-needy-gogo-in-kzn1 Mandela Day - moladi to donate a home on Nelson Mandela's birthday] (moladi Mandela Day )
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  • |Builders= [[Hindustan Shipyard]], [[Visakhapatnam]], India ...kshadweep'' ({{IMO Number|9448102}}) is an Indian Navy hospital ship whose home port is [[Kochi]] (also known as Cochin), on the south-west coast of India.
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  • '''Signature Homes''' is also the name of a new home builder based in [[New Zealand]].<ref>[ [[Category:Home builders]]
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  • ...ic assembly facilities.<ref>[ B&D VENUES Home Page] May 2015</ref> His work in this realm led ''SportsBusiness Journal'' ...tions including the American School & University,<ref name=dc/> Associated Builders and Contractors,<ref name=dc/> Athletic Business,<ref>[http://www.athleticb
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  • ...s most expensive [[natural disaster]], at around $20 billion. It hit home builders the hardest, with Lennar at the top of the list. This led to numerous [[la
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  • ...New Urbanist development known as Churchill Homes, developed by Community Builders, which was completed in 2000. The site's mixture of incomes is characteris after the project was completed, eight former residents had purchased a home.
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  • ...ap accidentally killed one of her competitors during a science fair on her home planet of Eden-5,<ref>{{cite web | title=Mechromancer Echo Log 04 | url=htt ...move there (his response being to murder the dissenters' children) and the builders themselves have been forbidden from ever setting foot there upon the city's
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  • ...ovation industry. Cass Brothers works with interior designers, architects, builders and plumbers to equip homes with functional and stylish bathroomware. [[Category:Home improvement companies of Australia]]
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  • ...sors.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Farm to table is easy with the Cick & Grow Smart Farm in you Rocket]] plant refills.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The new Cl
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