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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Seven mass media|timestamp=20160319153642|year=2016|month=March|day=19|substed=yes|help=off} ...sion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Seven mass media|date=19 March 2016|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...{cite web|url=|title=JFN: "The 405 Media: "His radio ​show on skyrocketed to the most ​listened ​to teenage po Cowger has a half-hour digital media show, featured on the platform [[Roku]]. On the show, he discusses many of
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  •''''' is a website that was supposedly acquired by [[ZeniMax Media]] on November 13, 2013, according to its [[Whois|WHOis]] report.<ref name=" was located in Poland then transferred to [[Maryland]], where ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks is located. It is highly suspicious of a major Unite
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  • ...ect-response marketing is delivered through a wide variety of [[Mass media|media]], including [[DRTV]], [[radio]], [[mail]], print advertising, [[telemarket ===Other media===
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  • ...dern consumers expect. The idea is that consumers will no longer allow big media, corporations or any seller for that matter to lie to them. They want to un [[Social media]] marketing <br>
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  • ...rovides insights and trends related to [[digital marketing]], [[mass media|media]] and commerce.<ref>{{cite web|author=[[Bloomberg Businessweek]]|url=http:/ ...vel understanding of digital trends related to [[advertising]], marketing, media and commerce.<ref>{{cite web|author=|url=
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  • ...d in the manga and being a major character in all of the anime's [[filler (media)|filler]] arcs. ...round his upper arms and shins. In this design, he often wears a KaibaCorp mass-produced Duel Disk on his left arm. While Kaiba's earlier appearances usual
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  • ...mpare the Holocaust of European Jewry during the Second World War with the mass extermination of the Armenian people during the First World War. Jews were
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  • |education = Ph.D. in Media & Cultural Studies, M.Sc. in Marketing Communication Communication Model in the Marketing Communications: A Study of Ambient Media Advertising in Gaining Consumer Audience’s Trust). ''Communication Spectr
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  • ...ronto]]. Over the course of the past ten years she has become a well-known media activist.<ref name=MRH>{{Citation | publisher = The Media Research Hub
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  • ...iversidad Autonoma de Baja California), Ricardo got an early start on mass media from an early age following family steps, confirmed by his national exposur
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  • ...the time he had started the journey he claims to have weighed 400 [[Pound (mass)|lbs]] (180 [[kg]]). He states that he was not even able to walk across his<ref name="signonsandiego"/> He received a great deal of media attention, with some interviewers walking with him for a few miles at a tim
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  • Mass communication in the BookWorld is provided by footnoterphones and mobilefoo ===Media===
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  • ...kpal movement([[Jan Lokpal Bill]]) as well as the party as a member of the media team. ...en part in the Jan Lokpal movement as well as the party as a member of the media team.
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  • ...obile Suit Gundam 00]]'' is the eleventh incarnation of the ''[[Gundam]]'' media franchise and features several mobile units. ...n to a bipedal tank, markedly less advanced and less maneuverable than the mass-production types of the other major powers. Unlike all other mobile suits i
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  • == Reactions by leading media and organizations == ...e.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=From Sandy Hook to Dunblane, shootings lea
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  • ...s with a fat burner made by Co-Founder Michael DiMarco, DC, Lal decided to mass-produce it. It became the flagship product, SHREDZ Maximum Strength Fat Bur Shredz has 2.7 million followers on social media made more than $3 million by Q3 of 2013.<ref name="Bort" />
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  • ...ew Haven Clergy Association, and a community activist. He received a wide media attention after being mentioned in connection with the [[US Supreme Court]] ...n, which brought Kimber into the center of the controversy and led to mass media attention.<ref>[ Ricc
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  • *Improvements to public transportation, such as implementing a new mass transit system (e.g. bus rapid transit), expanding the existing systems to ...ementing the [[TransMilenio]] BRT, integrating bicycle infrastructure with mass transit, and redefining and reclaiming public space for its citizens. Mayor
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  • * ''Healing Mass: A Mass for the Homebound (produced by Rivers of Living Water (now ACTS) Catholic C * ''Catholic Mass Media Awards''
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  • ...Bay News|accessdate=1 November 2012}}</ref> and may or may not be found in mass market, big box stores like [[Walmart]], [[Toys “R” Us]], or [[Target C | [[Outset Media]] ||Settlers of Catan
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