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  • {{Redirect|Korean crisis|the 1873 political debate in Japan|Seikanron}} ...{{start date|2013|1|24}}{{spaced ndash}}{{end date|2013|8|14}}<br />({{Age in years, months, weeks and days|month1=1|day1=24|year1=2013|month2=8|day2=14|
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  • ...ate Fighting Championship|UFC]] came to prominence in [[mainstream media]] in 2006, and with their 2007 merger with [[Pride FC]] and purchase of [[World * [[Bellator MMA]]. Based in Newport Beach, California, United States. Broadcasts their fights locally o
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  • markets and genre, the two have rivaled one another in various forms of media and fandom for decades. ...ering the 1960s, the Marvel franchise published its characters and stories in the form of [[Animated series#Television|animated television series]].
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  • ...nd would benefit from an expert in this area to confirm some of the claims in this article.}} ...and contextualize" Russolo's interest in the [[occult]], which is present in his compositions: from his "printmaking and paintings" to his theoretical w
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  • ...a film festival and awards gala for the automotive industry; held annually in London, it hosts nominees and guests from all over the world.}} ...festival]] and awards gala for the [[automotive industry]]; held annually in [[London]], it hosts nominees and guests from all over the world.
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  • |location_city = [[Osaka Prefecture|Osaka]] * [ 13cm's official website] {{in lang|ja}}
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