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  • {{Infobox former country |country = Egypt
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  • |succeeded= Position abolished by change in city charter After graduation from Centenary College, he was employed by the Operkuch, McGuirt, Watts and West accounting firm, of which he became a
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  • ...' and ''economics'' refers to the [[economics|economic]] policies promoted by [[President-elect of the United States]] Donald Trump during the [[Donald T ...otes [...] [[The Apprentice]] is about making money the old-fashioned way: by impressing The Boss." <ref>Jay Whitehead : [
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  • ...] [[linguist]] and political [[activist]]. He has long been active in the country's republican movement and is a leading proponent of language reform in Cana ...f Canada, calling for the country's "foreign head of state" to be replaced by a Canadian president.<ref>Globe and Mail, 28 February 1981.</ref>
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Republicanism in Thailand|timestamp=20161208154221|year=2016|month=December|day=8|substed ...Once discussion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Republicanism in Thailand|date=8 December 2016|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...f France's succession]], particularly the period between 1589-1594, marked by the refusal to set the Protestant [[Henry IV of France|Henry of Navarre]] t ...amental laws of the kingdom. They could not be ignored, nor modified, even by the king himself, since it is to these very laws to which he owes his succe
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  • |country = Australia ...whilst rejecting the idea of [[democratic socialism]], which was supported by the [[Australian Labor Party]].
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  • ...he Funny Bone in both [[Omaha]] and [[Des Moines]], and certain other near-by comedy clubs such in Lincoln and Kearney, his hometown, and as well continu ...admits his mother loves [[Sarah Palin]], and agrees that she should be the country's president.<ref>{{cite web |url=
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  • ...d|2016|p=2}} Judicial review and extra-parliamentary review were denounced by Soviet legal theorists as bourgeoisie institutions.{{sfn|Hand|2016|p=2}} Th ...fn|Nelson|1982|p=1}} The role of legislatures is different from country to country.{{sfn|Nelson|1982|p=1}} In the Soviet Union, the [[Supreme Soviet of the So
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  • ...llister inherited the family farm in Clonachullion as well as a farm owned by his uncle Dr. [[Patrick MacAlister]], [[Bishop of Down and Connor]]. John s ...ined the [[Irish Republican Brotherhood]], the [[oath]] being administered by [[Denis McCullough]]. He joined the [[Irish Volunteers]], Belfast Battalion
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  • the people. By opposing laws deemed necessary for the public good and by constantly meddling in the local affairs of the colonists, the King opposed ...g |first=Benson John |authorlink=Benson John Lossing |year=1888 |title=Our Country: A Household History for All Readers, from the Discovery of America to the
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  • ...sequence]] designed by [[Gerald Scarfe]], and the [[theme music]] composed by [[Ronnie Hazlehurst]]. ...[[London]], but in reality to aid his party's chances in three Scottish [[by-election]]s, all of them in [[marginal seat]]s, which he now intends to hol
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  • ...ew Zealand electorate)|Mt Albert]] and [[2009 Mount Albert by-election|the by-election]]; [[Royal Commission on Auckland Governance|Auckland supercity]]; |[[2009 Mount Albert by-election|Mt Albert by-election]]; Fiji; the line between public and private life for MPs
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  • |image = Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale, 1800.jpg |alt = Portrait of Thomas Jefferson by Rembrandt Peale.
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  • ...lian nationalism]]<br>[[Fascist syndicalism]]<br>[[Anti-clericalism]]<br>[[Republicanism]] | country = Italy
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  • |ideology = [[Conservatism]]<br>[[Republicanism]]<br>[[Liberal democracy]] |country=Cambodia}}
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