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  • ...e= Utah History Encyclopedia |location= Salt Lake City, Utah |publisher= [[University of Utah Press]] |isbn= 0874804256 |oclc= 30473917 }}</ref><ref>{{citation | In June 2010, the alumni of the former organization performed in two reunion concerts in the Salt La
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  • |alma_mater = [[William Paterson University]]<br>[[Fairleigh Dickinson University]] ...ed [[Master of Business Administration]] degree from [[Fairleigh Dickinson University]].
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  • ...ahdavi on Rue de la Roquette. He also turned his then-apartment at 242 Rue Saint Martin into a theater where the play “Shade” was performed. He also dir ...he worked on his doctorate in [[Comparative Literature]] at the [[New York University]]. His dissertation was finished in 1996 and named “The Pure Products of
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  • ...o complete his course in law first. In 1949 Dawson left the Queen Margaret University with a degree in law and later that same year he attempted to enroll at the his most successful role since ending his contract to CBS was that of [[Saint Joseph]] in [[Martin Scorsese]]'s controversial motion picture ''[[The Last
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  • ...ory and earned an M.A. in international economics from [[Northern Illinois University]] in DeKalb. [[Category:Northern Illinois University alumni]]
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  • St. Joseph's: Weekly collection], ''St. Joseph's'', New Berlin, WI: Liturgical Publications, Inc., 2 March 2014, Retrieved 4 | dedication = [[Saint Joseph|St. Joseph]]
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  • Snow was born in [[St. George, Utah]] into a Latter-day Saint family. As a young man, he served as a [[Mormon missionary|missionary]] for ...t [[Utah State University]] and a [[juris doctorate]] from [[Brigham Young University]]. He has been a deputy county attorney for [[Washington County, Utah]], pr
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  • ...gree in education from [[Towson University]] and his law degree from the [[University of Baltimore]]. [[Category:Towson University alumni]]
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  • ...H. Green''' is a history professor retired from teaching at Brigham Young University, where he specialized in modern Middle-Eastern history, especially the eras Citrus Jr College in Azusa. After one year (1959-60) at Brigham Young University, he served a 2.5-year mission for [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-da
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  • ...bridgeshire]], England. He went on to study Biological Sciences at [[Aston University]] in Birmingham, where his collaborative research studies showed that stero ...itro and in vivo (2,3). In 1978 ge took up post-doctoral studies at [[Yale University]] as a [[Ford Foundation]] Fellow. He studied under the directorship of the
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  • ...irst class of college graduates and established an Alumni Program to equip Alumni with the tools and resources necessary for college success and professional ===Alumni programs===
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  • ...the the 31st Annual ''Courage'' and ''EnCourage'' Conference, held at the University of St Mary of the Lake in the Archdiocese of Chicago, July 29 - August 1, 2 ...ning his bachelor of arts degree in philosophy in 1941 from The [[Catholic University of America]] in Washington, D.C., he continued his studies at that institut
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  • [[Adikavi Nannaya University]]{{•}} [[Andhra University College of Arts and Commerce]]{{•}}
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  • ...Catholic schooling — he graduated from St. Augustine Prep and Villanova University. "</ref> both located in [[Philadelphia]].<ref name=PI2015>Batcha, Becky. [ [[Category:Saint Joseph's University alumni]]
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  • | player_team1 = [[Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)|Saint Joseph's (Ind.)]] | coach_team1 = [[Saint Joseph's College (Indiana)|St. Joseph's (Ind.)]] (Asst)
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  • ...rector of the College of Humanities Publications Center at [[Brigham Young University]] (BYU). She also taught editing and publishing at BYU. ...mon Letters]] from 2006-2007. She was associated editor of [[Brigham Young University Studies]] for 15 years. She was on several occasions one of the organizers
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  • ...inistration from the [[John F. Kennedy School of Government]] at [[Harvard University]]. He was the first recipient of the [[Singapore Press Holdings]]' Undergra ...spected Singaporeans Reflect on Leadership, Labour and Love'' (2012, [[St. Joseph's Institution]] by the Straits Times Press) ISBN 9789814342186
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  • ...= [[Queens College, City University of New York|Queens College (CUNY)]], [[University of Connecticut]] ...dence of English and the Director of the Creative Writing Program at the [[University of Connecticut]].<ref>{{Cite web|url=|
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  • '''W. Jeffrey Marsh''' is a religion professor at [[Brigham Young University]] (BYU) and an author of several religiously themed books. Among his writi ...missionary]] in [[Germany]]. He received his bachelor's degree from the [[University of Utah]] and a master's degree and Ph.D. from BYU. Marsh and his wife Kath
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  • ...of Notre Dame Commencement Program]</ref><br />[[Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas]] (S.T.B.) ...uthor]], and [[Apologetics|apologist]]. He is the president and founder of Saint Michael's Media, a religious [[apostolate]] producing on-demand video progr
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