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  • ...oddenberry]], has spawned five live-action television series, one animated series, and (as of 2013) twelve motion pictures. The critical reception of the fra ==Television series==
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  • This article lists characters of the television series ''[[Emergency!]]''. ...nnically named, though only his wife, Joanne, appeared in the pilot of the series. His family also has a dog. In the episode "The Exam," we find out he was
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  • ...ngeles]], [[California]]) is an [[United States|American]] [[actor]] and [[Television director|director]], and is the younger brother of [[Jack Webb]]'s stock di ...r Chester B. "Chet" Kelly, in the [[Mark VII Limited|Mark VII]] television series ''[[Emergency!]]''
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  • ...riminal Code along with the system of diagnosing mental illness, developed by academician [[Andrei Snezhnevsky]], created the very preconditions under wh The process of psychiatric incarceration was instigated by attempts to emigrate; distribution or possession of prohibited documents or
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  • ...n|science fiction television]] series ''[[Battlestar Galactica]]''. In the series, the [[Twelve Colonies]] built approximately 120 Battlestars during their t ''[[Battlestar Pegasus|Pegasus]]'' is found. ''Galactica'' is commanded by [[Commander Adama]].
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  • | Based on the erotic gag manga by [[:ja:谷岡ヤスジ|Yasuji Tanioka]] | Originally rated X, rating surrendered by Severin Films for unrated DVD release
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