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Musical artist

Symfobia is a Slovak symphonic metal band from Nitra founded by František Molnár in 2007. Symfobia underwent several line-up changes before releasing their first album in 2015. The band is made up of singer Erika Strečková, keyboardist František Molnár, guitarists Milan Sitár and Peter Varga, bassist Peter Bugár, vocalist Petra Hasarová, and drummer Viliam Putz who replaced Pavel "Vandy" Prokop in 2016.

Early years and debut album Way of the Queen

In January 2015, the band released their first debut album, Way of the Queen. The album is a composition of František Molnár's ideas, and several collaborations with great Slovak musicians. Peter Vlčko contributed to the orchestral backgrounds. The choirs are recorded by 8 vocalists. Songs' lyrics have been written by Rastislav Getta. The album was recorded by studio HS (Marek Viršík – Horkýže Slíže), whereas sound was mixed by Sanchez (BijouTerrier). The album consists of 9 songs with an overall length of about 55 minutes. The band released their debut album in May 2015 in Frankie Rock Club in Nitra. Godfathers of a the album are guitarist Henry Tóth and singer from rock band The Paranoid – Igor Belaj. In June 2015, Symfobia performed on the same stage with Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish in Banská Bystrica together with the Sabaton band. Second concert with Nightwish followed next year in Košice. Other gigs followed since then with bands like Therion, Tublatanka, Citron, and festivals such as More Than Fest, Topfest, Rock pod Kamenom, Masters of Rock, Benatska noc, Radegast Legends and many others.


Singer Erika Strečková, June 2016, Košice

Current members

  • Erika Strečková – singer
  • Petra Hasarová – singer,vocals
  • František Molnár – keyboard
  • Milan Sitár – guitar
  • Peter Varga – guitar
  • Peter Bugár – bass guitar
  • Viliam Putz – drums

Former members

  • Tóno Moravčík – guitar
  • Ľuboš Boudiš – drums
  • Pavel "Vandy" Prokop – drums


Way of the Queen (2015)

Symfobia with Nightwish in Banska Bystrica, 2015
  1. "Dragon" (5:20)
  2. "Only Goodbye" (6:12)
  3. "The Castle" (5:26)
  4. "Bloody Wings" (4:34)
  5. "Way of the Queen" (7:13)
  6. "Pack of Wolves" (5:17)
  7. "Last Teardrop" (7:57)
  8. "Sun" (6:38)
  9. "Finally" (7:22)

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