Teddybears (TV series)

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Template:Infobox Television Teddybears was a children's television programme broadcast on ITV from 1997 to 1999. The show was about the life of five bears who look similar to the Teletubbies and their dog Fred. The show was filmed by Meridian Broadcasting.


  • Robert, the youngest of the bears, yellow. Often seen with his best friend, a toy frog called Phillip.
  • Louise, green. The cheekiest of all the bears.
  • Charles, black. The oldest of the bears, wise but very stubborn.
  • William, red. Loves to cook.
  • Sara, orange. Plays the mother role.
  • Fred, the Dalmatian

Puppeteers Cheril Blaize, Louise Conran, Tim Hulse, Lee McDonnell, Carl Matthewman, Jihn Toblas, Rebbeca Clow, and Lee Crowley all worked on the series.

Other information

At least one tie-in books was published.[1]


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