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Thomas Lamprecht is an artist whose work focuses on confluence of language, visual images and music. Lamprecht’s involvements spanned through the art world, business and academic arenas where he led creative groups at international branding and marketing firms, taught art and advertising, curated shows and produced fine art, music and writing.

Background and education

Thomas, [“Tomek”—nickname of the Polish Tomasz] Stefan Stanisław Lamprecht was born in Warsaw, Poland—the only child of two architects. He attended school in UK and lived intermittently in Warsaw, London and Famagusta, Cyprus. He became American Citizen in 1975. Lamprecht began to study painting in 1969 at the Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts. In 1973 he came to New York and entered the School of Visual Arts.

Life and Art

Primarily a painter, Lamprecht has produced and presented work in many different media that include two-dimensional art, art performance, sculpture, music composition and recordings, installations, film/video and computer art. His work has been shown in a variety of major venues throughout U.S. and Europe.[no citations needed here]

In 2006, Lamprecht assumed creative leadership at the Hacker Group,[1] the West Coast division of DraftFCB (IPG).

In August 2009, Lamprecht, along with his partner Kristina Müller-Eberhard, started the creative firm Plume21, LLC.[2]


Lamprecht has performed his music throughout numerous New York clubs and venues from CBGB’s through Cotton Club to Carnegie Hall, Franklin Furnace, as well as prominent venues in Europe that included Basel Art Fair, Mazzo, Amsterdam, New Morning, Geneva among others.[no citations needed here] In 1978, while collaborating with a group of friends from his MFA program at Columbia on an art performance project, he released his first record Model Citizens,[3] produced by John Cale. Subsequent to Model Citizens Lamprecht created media performance projects including the collaboration with Gloria Richards, 2 Yous [4] and Before Religion with the violin virtuoso Michael Galasso and dancer/choreographer Frank Conversano. During the early/middle 80’s, Lamprecht released solo recordings of his music including the albums “TOMEK”[5] and “Love & Hate”.[6] Through the 90’s he continued to compose and record ‘Musical Poems’ that were produced only for narrowcast distribution.


In 1994, Lamprecht created an annual retrospective exhibition, the Contemporary Annual,[7] that was hosted and largely funded by the National Arts Club in New York.


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