Turkish Heritage Organization

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Template:Infobox Organization Turkish Heritage Organization is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works to encourage a discussion and dialogue around Turkey’s role in the international community and issues of importance to the U.S. - Turkey bilateral relationship.[1] With the goal of fostering successful bilateral partnership between Turkey and the U.S., THO puts on events [2] , sponsors research, and releases periodic publications on various issues pertaining to U.S. - Turkey relations. Additionally, THO works with other DC-based institutions and partners to foster an open conversation on the importance of maintaining strong U.S. relations utilizing foreign policy groups and organizations in and around Washington, D.C. including the Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Program and the Danilel Morgan Graduate School. [3]

Advisory Board

The Turkish Heritage Organization works in coordination with an Advisory Board consisting of 14 members. The members include notable professors, authors, columnists, and economists who assist the organization with its events and publications. [4] The Advisory Board is growing and is to continue advising THO on its strategic goals and initiatives, includes the number of events and projects organized by THO. [5]

Projects and initiatives

THO also sponsors several research initiatives including a Summer Research Program and a Non-Resident Fellowship. The THO Summer Research Program in Turkey is an annual, all-expenses-paid, ten day research trip to Turkey, during which selected young researchers participate in meetings, excursions, and fieldwork on a chosen subject. Participants complete a modest research project on a subject of their choosing.[6]

The inaugural Summer Research Program was in 2018 and it explored refugee issues, specifically pertaining to the Syrian Refugee crisis. After various meetings in Washington D.C., the researcher spent time getting a firsthand look at the refugee and asylum crises in Turkey.[7]

The Non-Resident Fellowship is a 9 month program which brings together graduate students, young researchers and professionals, and practitioners with a special interest in U.S.-Turkey relations. Fellows contribute remotely, on a regular basis, to THO scholarship and discussions through both formal research and informal consultation. [8] Articles written by Non-Resident Fellows are posted to the Organization’s Blog “Meddah.” [9]


THO Annual Review

As a think-thank THO’s main issues of concern and focus are security, education, humanitarian aid, energy, economy, and technology. All organizational activities are based around these six critical issues.

The Turkish Heritage Organization releases an annual publication which addresses that year’s developments as they pertain to the organization’s six critical issues on U.S.-Turkey relations. The publication also includes a summary of THO’s sponsored events for that year and the organization’s predictions for the future of U.S. -Turkey relations.[10]

THO also periodically releases factsheets which address specific aspects of the Turkey - U.S. partnership. Contributed by THO staff and non-resident fellows these factsheets provide in-depth assessment and analyses of pressing developments relevant to Turkey and the U.S. [11]


The Turkish Heritage Organization hosts an average of 30 events annually. These events include roundtables, conferences, panel discussions, and teleconferences aimed at providing a platform for dialogue between Turkish and American officials.[12]

In accordance with its mission, THO regularly brings leading experts in various fields for discussion and debates on how to strengthen the U.S.-Turkey relationship. Some notable past speakers include: Ambassador James Jeffrey, former U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns, former 34thCommander of the U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Conway, and Assistant Secretary of State for Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations Dr. Denise Natali, amongst others.[13]


The Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) non-partisan organizations. It’s funding comes from Turkish and Turkish-American businesses who value a strong U.S.-Turkey relationship and a space for dialogue in foreign affairs issues.


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