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Udayani Social Action Forum (USAF) is the social outreach arm of the Calcutta Province of the Society of Jesus. It works with schools, parishes, spiritual centres, international immersion groups, NGOs, and other organizations to foster a faith that does justice. It also serves as a link between the Jesuit social apostolate in India and the priorities of the Jesuit Conference of the South Asian Assistancy.[1]Template:Dead link


USAF employs a rights-based approach to empowerment of the tribal peoples of West Bengal State.[2] It both collaborates with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta[3] and is ecumenical in its cooperation with organizations of all faiths.[4]

The Forum claims that it has "played an important and vital role" in coordinating efforts in defense of the right to food[5] and work,[6] Its director, Fr. Jothi, says that, when he was hesitant about his vocal public advocacy for the basic human needs of the people, the Mother Superior of the Missionaries of Charity came to his defense.[7]

USAF was party to a joint statement by the India-Africa group opposing the policy of the World Trade Organization,[8] and is involved in wage negotiations.[9] It is also an Indian party to the international alliance against the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GAT).[10][11] It also was a presenter on Results-Based Management in Bangkok.[12]

Other social justice issues in which USAF has been involved include help for the children of prisoners,[13] defense of women's rights,[14][15] opposition to human trafficking,[16] support for environmentalism,[17] cow vigilantism,[18] the government funding seminar,[19] and commentary on national elections.[20]


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