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Template:Infobox Website Wakoopa is a software company that creates passive tracking programs for market research. Wakoopa was founded in 2007 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Tracking software

Wakoopa develops passive metering software, which makes it possible to observe online behavior in a non-staged environment. This software is distributed amongst panels which give explicit consent to be part of the research. The people that join the research are fully anonymous. Since the technology is user-side it is also possible to combine their online behavior with all the background information the participants decide to share, such as their age or the car they drive.

Wakoopa offers their software as a white-label product for companies to distribute among their own community. Wakoopa also collaborates with panel providers in three countries, offering an ongoing data source on online behavior.


Wakoopa started as a social network in 2006, which attracted around 200,000 registered users, referred to as 'Wakoopians'. The platform offered people the possibility to track the applications they used and write reviews on them. This could be compared to other users, making discovering software social. By spending time in applications and writing reviews, the users could win certain statuses with corresponding icons. In 2010 Wakoopa started to put their tracking software to use for market research, to improve online research. Due to the success of this new turn, Wakoopa decided to close down the social network in 2012.

Wakoopa and Netquest

Wakoopa joined Netquest, an online fieldwork provider for the market research sector in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, in late 2014. One goal of this collaboration is to integrate all the aspects of online research. Wakoopa remains an independent entity and works in close collaboration with Netquest.




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