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Waves Platform (Waves Platform AG) is a blockchain and distributed database technology company incorporated in Switzerland.[1] The two primary areas of activity it is involved in are; A public distributed permissionless[2] blockchain platform (Waves Platform) and private permissioned blockchain services for large enterprise and government bodies (Vostok). Waves Platform has an HQ in Moscow, Russia and several, other, offices based internationally. It was founded in 2017 by the current CEO, Alexander "Sasha" Ivanof. Artem Kalikhov holds the post of CTO and Mariya Borovikova is CFO.

Waves Platform

Waves Platform is an open-source blockchain platform,[3] featuring a distributed cryptocurrency exchange, Smart Contracts and built-in custom cryptocurrency token creation.[4]. Waves Platform predates the formation of the company Waves Platform AG and it's launch was funded by an Initial coin offering (I.C.O.) that raised more funds, in the form of Bitcoin[5], than the previous Ethereum I.C.O.


Vostok[6] is a universal blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure designed for large enterprises and public institutions. Based on the Waves Platform software, its services utilise Waves-NG[7] , itself based on Bitcoin-NG, a next-generation consensus algorithm, increasing network capacity, stability and speed.


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