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Wikilink Jacker Pro

Wikilink Jacker is a software tool that claims to increase the organic listing rank of its customers websites on various search engines by creating backlinks of their websites on Wikipedia.


Wikilink Jacker searches for dead links on Wikipedia pages and converts them into links directing to the customer's website. The software has been popular among SEO experts and various blogs and YouTube videos have been made explaining its usage, advantages and dis-advantages.[no citations needed here] As of April 2016 there has been no proof of whether the software actually works positively or not.[no citations needed here]


On the terms and conditions and contact details page of the Wikilink Jacker's website there is no name, phone number or contact address of any individual or company that would claim its ownership. The only contact detail mentioned on the website is an email address.[1] However, only on one page of the website the mention of the name "Lisa Allen/ Wikilink Jacker" can be found.[2] Also many other blogs credit some individual named "Lisa Allen" as the creator of the software.[no citations needed here]


The software has many tutorials and YouTube videos[3] mentioning how to use it and how successful it is.


The software has sparked many arguments among bloggers who blog about Search Engine Optimization. Some claim that it is a purely white hat SEO technique and that Lisa Alles is promoting a positive use of Wikipedia deadlinks by converting dead links to backlinks only on those Wikipedia pages where the topic or theme relates to the customer's website.[4] Others claim that it is a scam and should be considered a black hat SEO technique.[5] There have been no official words on the usage of the software by either Wikipedia or any of the search engine companies.[no citations needed here]