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'''Yu Tsai''' ([[Chinese language|Chinese]]: 蔡宇; [[pinyin]]: ''Cài Yǔ'') is an American [[photographer]] based in Los Angeles and New York.
==Early life and education==
Yu Tsai was born in [[Taiwan]] and moved to a farm in [[Indiana]] with his family as a young child. The family then moved to [[Chino, California]], where Yu Tsai spent his adolescence. He attended [[Don Antonio Lugo High School]], where he was a member of the [[Future Farmers of America]] and the track team. After high school, Yu Tsai attended the [[University of California, Riverside]] and [[California State Polytechnic University, Pomona]], where he majored in biology.{{Citation needed|date=April 2018}} He then attended the [[Art Center College of Design]] in [[Pasadena, California]], studying graphic design. It was during this time in his education that he discovered his passion for the arts, along with directing and photography as a means of telling a visual story.
Yu Tsai’s photography has been featured in magazines such as ''[[Harper's Bazaar]]'', ''[[Marie Claire]]'', ''[[Vogue (magazine)|Vogue Thailand]]'', and ''[[Vogue (magazine)|Vogue Japan]]''. He has photographed celebrities including [[Janet Jackson]], [[Anne Hathaway]], [[Alicia Keys]], [[Ashley Judd]], [[Demi Lovato]], [[Daniel Radcliffe]], [[Zhang Ziyi]], [[Ewan McGregor]], [[Rosario Dawson]], [[Lindsay Lohan]], [[Mischa Barton]], [[Sienna Miller]], [[Paz Vega]], [[Ryan Reynolds]], [[Sean Faris]], [[Ryan Gosling]] and [[Zooey Deschanel]], along with models including [[Alessandra Ambrosio]], [[Kate Upton]], [[Rosie Huntington]], [[Liliana Dominguez]], [[Yamila Diaz]] and [[Gigi Hadid]].
Yu Tsai has collaborated with other commercial directors in treatment writing and script development, and has directed commercials for [[Aetna]], [[Gateway, Inc.|Gateway]], and [[Samsung]], among others. As a photographer, he has shot advertising campaigns for companies such as [[Apple Inc.|Apple]], [[Clairol]], [[Guess (clothing)|Guess]], and [[Lexus]].
Yu Tsai replaced [[Johnny Wujek]] as photo shoot creative consultant on [[America's Next Top Model (cycle 21)|cycle 21]] and [[America's Next Top Model (cycle 22)|cycle 22]] of [[America's Next Top Model]]<ref>{{cite web|title=J. Alexander to Return For New Season of America's Next Top Model|url=http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/J-Alexander-to-Return-For-New-Season-of-AMERICAS-NEXT-TOP-MODEL-20140214#.UwE0E2JdWSo|website=Broadwayworld.com|accessdate=October 7, 2015|date=February 14, 2014}}</ref>
He also participated in national-wildlife conservation research with the [[National Geographic (magazine)|National Geographic]] Research group.
He is the judge on [[Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 4)|cycle 4]], [[Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 5)|cycle 5]], and [[Asia's Next Top Model (cycle 6)|cycle 6]] of [[Asia's Next Top Model]] as the new creative director.
==External links==
*[http://www.yutsai.com Yu Tsai official website]
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