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Deletionpedia v2 (DPv2) is a radical inclusionist wiki for rescuing articles from Wikipedia's deletionism. It was started by Guaka on December 24th 2013 and so far we've been rescuing 8,925 articles.

  • Articles that are under discussion on Wikipedia are automatically copied here by Robyt.
  • You are welcome to sign up and help with the project.
  • It's okay (encouraged even) to edit articles here once they have definitely been deleted on Wikipedia (unlike DPv1), but it's advisable to wait until articles have been definitely deleted on Wikipedia. Like that you can still go into the history of an article and find your edits.
  • If an article is not deleted we won't delete the article here, Robyt will just put a template linking back to Wikipedia. But articles are often relisted for deletion again soon.

Click on random page to get an idea about what kind of stuff gets deleted on Wikipedia. A lot is great quality articles written by people who care and spent a lot of time on them, including research and adding references.

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