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This article was considered for deletion at Wikipedia on October 2 2018. This is a backup of Wikipedia:"Quotin". All of its AfDs can be found at Wikipedia:Special:PrefixIndex/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/"Quotin", the first at Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/"Quotin". Purge

"Quotin" (or oftentimes referred to as Quotin without the quotations) is an online image-sharing community for quotes or sayings. Founded by Andrew Ingram[1] in 2017.

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Available in English
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Owner "Quotin"
Created by Andrew Ingram
Website https://www.quotin.co
Registration Optional
Launched July 10, 2017
Current status active


"Quotin" originally was about sharing quotes and sayings about famous people such as George Washington or Mark Twain back in August 2017. The main idea was (and still is) to inspiring many people to do great things in life through inspirational words. It was also said that it was created by seeing the world in many different perspectives.[2]

New Idea

With the removal of the old idea of manually uploading quotes by the "Quotin" team, the new idea is to now let users (also known as Inspirators) upload inspirational content of their own to inspire many people.[3] "Quotin" also wanted to step away from the traditional social media aspects such as "following" or "friending" and focus more on staying as a friendly community.[2]


The "Quotin" Android app is featured in the Android subreddit Wiki App Page under Entertainment.[4]


User Created Content

"Quotin" gives users the ability to upload their own image quotes.[5]


Along with the release of User Created Content, "Quotin" also give users the option to create Accounts with a profile picture, banner, and quotes they have uploaded.[6]

Mobile Apps

In September 2018, the "Quotin" app was released to Android[7] and iOS.[8]


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