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{{Infobox writer
| name        = Elizabeth Tudor
| image        = Elizabeth_Tudor.jpg
| image_size  = 200px
| caption      = Tudor in [[Stuttgart]], Germany
| birth_date  = {{birth date and age|1978|07|26}}
| birth_place  = [[Baku]], Azerbaijan
| birth_name  =
| alma_mater  = [[Azerbaijan International University]], [[Florida International University]], [[University of Miami School of Law]]
| genre        = Science fiction
| notableworks =
*''Secrets of the underwater Caspian''
*''Murderer Chupacabra''
*''Prisoner 1333''
* The ''[[Saros (novels)|Saros series]]''
'''Elizabeth Tudor''' (full name '''Lala Elizabeth Tudor Hassenberg''') (born July 26, 1978 in [[Baku]]) Azerbaijani-Russian science fiction writer of [[Jewish]] ancestry. As of 2008, she is the author of 18 novels published in Russian.<ref name=newaz>[http://www.newsazerbaijan.ru/exclusive/20080204/42136954.html An interview with Elizabeth Tudor/Lala Hassenberg] {{Ru icon}}</ref>
Elizabeth Tudor is a member of the International Federation of Russian-speaking Writers and the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.
She graduated from the [[Azerbaijan International University]] in 1998, the [[Florida International University]] in 2013 and the [[University of Miami School of Law]] in 2015. She started to write in 1994, having selected science fiction as her vocation, and from 1998 she has completely devoted herself to literary work.
Her [[debut novel|first novel]] was published in 2001, the [[list of science fiction novels|science fiction novel]] ''War of Times''. In 2002, Elizabeth Tudor was accepted into the Union of Writers of [[Azerbaijan]]. In the same year her two new books, the science-fiction novel ''Elects of Heavens'' and the collection of fantastic and adventure stories ''Murderer Chupacabra'' were published.
In 2003, she finished the historical-fantastic novel ''Secret of Underwater Caspian''. 2004 was marked by the publication of the science fiction novel ''Seven Envoys'', which she devoted to the memory of English writer [[Walter Scott]].  In 2005 two other books were published – ''Exiles of Heavens'' and ''Masters of heavens''.
In 2007, Tudor's next science-fiction novel ''Collision'', devoted to the [[Governor of California]] [[Arnold Schwarzenegger]]. In the same year was issued the collection of stories ''The Shadow of Centuries''. Tudor is a member of international writers' unions such as [[The New Contemporary]] and [[Broad Universe]].<ref>[http://broaduniverse.org/our-members-2/active-members-directory/ Elizabeth Tudor at Broad Universe] {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160924110403/http://broaduniverse.org/our-members-2/active-members-directory/ |date=September 24, 2016 }} {{en icon}}</ref>
In 2016, Elizabeth Tudor became a member of the [[Authors Guild]], the America's oldest and largest professional organization for writers.<ref>[https://www.authorsguild.net/services/members/1712 Elizabeth Tudor at the Authors Guild]{{en icon}}</ref>
Her series ''Saros'' of historical fantasy novels will be reportedly a 13-volume series.<ref name=newaz/>
=== Novels ===
* "Война времен" (2001) (''War of times'')
* "Избранники небес" (2002) (''Elects of heavens'')
* "Тайны подводного Каспия" (2004) (''Secrets of the underwater Caspian'')
* "Семь посланников" (2004) (''Seven envoys'')
* "Изгнанники небес" (2005) (''Exiles of heavens'')
* "Повелители небес" (2005) (''Masters of heavens'')
* "Коллизия" (2007) (''Collision'')
* Сарос. "Кевин Коннор" (2009) (''Saros: Kevin Connor'')
* Сарос. «Аарон Шмуэль» (2009) (''Saros: Aaron Shmuel'')
* Сарос. «Барак Келлерман» (2011) (''Saros: Barak Kellerman'')
* Сарос. «Борис Гроссман» (2013) (''Saros: Boris Grossman'')
* Сарос. «Аббас Алекперов» (2014) (''Saros: Abbas Alakbarov'')<ref>[http://modern.az/articles/71297/1/#gsc.tab=0 Rusiya ədəbiyyatını fəth edən azərbaycanlı qadın] {{az}}</ref>
=== Short novels ===
* "Черная смерть в белую зиму"
* "Ложь, предательство и месть"
* "Тень веков" (2007)
=== Stories ===
* "Убийца Чупакабра" (2002) (''Murderer Chupacabra'')
* "Если наступит завтра…" ("If tomorrow comes....")
* "Захватчики миров"
* "Горячий капучино"  (''Hot Capuccino'')
* "Эльютера – остров грез" ("Eleuthera - the island of dreams")
* "Время, взятое взаймы"
* "Человек-шок"
* "Интеллигент-убийца"
* "Убийца времени" ("The Time Killer")
* "Сон во сне"
* "Воришка Бен"
* "Заключенный 1333" (2008) (''Prisoner 1333'')
==External links==
*[http://www.elizabeth-tudor.com/ Official website of Elizabeth Tudor (Lala Hassenberg)]
*[https://www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-Tudor/e/B01LZNGXY6 Elizabeth Tudor's page on Amazon]
*[https://web.archive.org/web/20161014061248/https://fiualumni.com/2016/10/13/voyage-into-the-unknown-with-science-fiction-author-and-fiu-alumna-lala-hassenberg-13/ Elizabeth Tudor (Lala Hassenberg) interview at FIU Alumni Association]
*[https://fiualumni.com/authors-series-2/ Elizabeth Tudor - ALUMNI AUTHOR SERIES]
*[https://web.archive.org/web/20080322011740/http://www.newcanada.com/266/266-00005-club.htm Elizabeth Tudor (Lala Hassenberg) at ''the Yonge Street Review'']
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