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Mecha Manual 2: Invasion Terra Files is a supplement published by R. Talsorian Games in 1996 for the science fiction mecha role-playing game Mekton.


Mecha Manual 2: Invasion Terra Files, a 97-page softcover book written by Craig Shelley and Benjamin Wright, and illustrated by Don Choi, Malcolm Hee, Alexandre Racine, and Benjamin Wright, is the second in a series of Mekton Zeta hardware guides.[1]

This book details the equipment and notable personalities described in the previously published Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra campaign supplement.[2]

  • Part 1: Most important characters in the campaign, as well as desc riptions of standard soldiers from both sides
  • Part 2: Eleven new mechas
  • Part 3: Eight new space ships


In the July 1996 edition of Arcane (Issue 8), James Swallow gave the book a thumbs up and a rating of 7 out of 10, saying, "this one's a winner and it makes up for the rather slack content of Mekton Wars 1: Invasion Terra."[1]


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