Meher Mount

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Template:Infobox organization Meher Mount is a 172 acre universal spiritual center dedicated to Meher Baba in Ojai, California, United States.[1][2] Located about 80 miles of Los Angeles at 2,500 feet above the Pacific Ocean, it has a 360-degree view, including the nearby bluffs of Topatopa Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands, Los Padres National Forest, and the Ojai Valley.[3]

Meher Mount is a universal spiritual center open to all for pilgrimage, for celebrating Divine Love and Oneness, for loving God through nature, and for service.[4] There are opportunities for day visits and for service along with periodic programs and events about Meher Baba and nature.[5][6]


Meher Mount was founded in 1946 at the request of Avatar Meher Baba. The founders were Agnes Baron, Jean Adriel and Alexander Markey. Meher Baba visited Meher Mount on August 2, 1956.[7] Meher Mount is one of several centers worldwide dedicated to Meher Baba, including Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, SC; the Avatar Meher Baba Heartland Center in Prague, OK; Meherana in Mariposa, CA; Avatar's Abode and Sydney House in Australia; Meher Baba's samadhi (tomb-shrine) in Meherabad, India and Meher Baba's Home in Meherazad, India.


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