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| name                  = Ronnie Gene Blevins
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|birth_date={{birth date and age|1977|06|20}}
|birth_place=[[Harris County, Texas]]
| death_date            =
| death_place          =
| other_names          =
| occupation            = [[Actor]]
| years_active          = 2001 - present
| spouse                =
| partner              =
| website              = [https://lamediaworks.com/ronnie-gene-blevins/ Official site]
'''Ronnie Gene Blevins''' (born June 20, 1977) is an American [[character actor]].<ref>{{cite web|last1=Zelaya|first1=Ian|title=Ronnie Gene Blevins Talks 'Joe,' The Late Gary Poulter And Being Friends With Nicolas Cage|url=http://www.galomagazine.com/movies-tv/ronnie-gene-blevins-talks-joe-the-late-gary-poulter-and-being-friends-with-nicolas-cage/#.VENk6yLF_A0|publisher=GALO Magazine|accessdate=19 October 2014}}</ref> He is best known for his role as small-time criminal Willie Russell in the 2013 film ''[[Joe (2013 film)|Joe]]'', directed by [[David Gordon Green]].<ref>{{cite web |url=http://jackalopemagazine.com/2014/05/08/rising-star/ |title=RONNIE GENE BLEVINS: RISING STAR
|last=Martinez |first=Charlotte |date=8 May 2019 |website=Jackalope Magazine |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref>
His TV credits include ''[[NCIS (TV series)|NCIS]]'', ''[[True Detective]]'', ''[[Kingdom (US TV series)|Kingdom]]'' and ''[[Twin Peaks (season 3)|Twin Peaks]]''. Other notable works include ''[[The Dark Knight Rises]]'', ''[[Seven Psychopaths]]'', ''[[Avenged (2013 U.S. film)|Avenged]]'' and the [[Death Wish (2017 film)|2017 remake]] of ''[[Death Wish (1974 film)|Death Wish]]''.<ref>{{cite interview |last=Blevins |first=Ronnie Gene |title=Interview with Ronnie Gene Blevins |url=https://occhimagazine.com/interview-with-ronnie-gene-blevins/ |publisher=Occhi Magazine |date=11 March 2017 |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref> .
Blevins wrote, produced and starred in the 2009 independent film ''[[American Cowslip]]''.<ref>{{cite interview |last=Blevins |first=Ronnie Gene |title=Ronnie Gene Blevins |url=https://tresamagazine.com/2018/04/27/ronnie-gene-blevins/ |publisher=Tresa Magazine  |date=27 April 2018 |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref>
==Personal life==
Blevins is deaf in one ear and blind in one eye.<ref>{{cite web |url=https://silentgrapevine.com/2014/05/ronnie-gene-blevins-talks-about-deafness-on-starpulse-com.html |title=Ronnie Gene Blevins talks about deafness on Starpulse.com |last=Young |first=Thomsen |date=13 May 2014 |website=Silent Grapevine |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref> He is married to actress Veronica Burgess, and has a son, Leonardo Gene Blevins, who was born on August 18, 2016.
*''[[A.I. Artificial Intelligence]]'' (2001, as Robot - uncredited)
*''[[Better Luck Tomorrow]]'' (2002, as Skinhead- uncredited)
*''[[Bleed (film)|Bleed]]'' (2002, as Peter)
*''Eiderdown Goose'' (2003, as Matty)
*''Birth Rite'' (2003, as Paul Guilford)
*''[[The Affair (2004 film)|The Affair]]'' (2004, as Donny)
*''Freezerburn'' (2005, as Peter)
*''Look @ Me'' (2006, as Cyber Fan)
*''...Less Than Kind'' (2008, as Roman)
*''[[A Beautiful Life (2008 film)|A Beautiful Life]]'' (2008, as Henry)
*''Night Life'' (2008, as Junky)
*''[[American Cowslip]]'' (2009, as Ethan Inglebrink)
*''[[Area Q]]'' (2011, as Husband with a video camera)
*''Kiss the Abyss'' (2012, as Bruce)
*''Enchanted Affairs'' (2012)
*''Commander and Chief'' (2012, as Perry Houser)
*''[[The Dark Knight Rises]]'' (2012, as Cement Truck Driver)
*''[[Seven Psychopaths]]'' (2012, as First Cop)
*''[[Least Among Saints]]'' (2012, as Ronnie)
*''Ambush at Dark Canyon'' (2012, as Tom Sullivan)
*''Shadow on the Mesa'' (2013, as Trace Hodges)
*''[[Jobs (film)|Jobs]]'' (2013, as Dealer - uncredited)
*''Samuel Bleak'' (2013, as Walters)
*''Past God'' (2013, as James' Father)
*''To Hell with a Bullet'' (2013, as Boomer Cobb)
*''[[Joe (2013 film)|Joe]]'' (2013, as Willie-Russell)<ref>{{cite web|last1=McNary|first1=Dave|title=Ronnie Gene Blevins sets villain role in ‘Joe’|url=https://variety.com/2012/film/news/ronnie-gene-blevins-sets-villain-role-in-joe-1118062154/|publisher=Variety|accessdate=19 October 2014}}</ref>
*''Sequence'' (2013, as Robber)
*''[[The Hunted (2013 film)|The Hunted]]'' (2013, as Stevie)
*''[[Avenged (2013 U.S. film)|Avenged]]'' (2013, as Jed<ref>[http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/90534/new-trailer-avenged/ Avenged]</ref>)
*''Thrillseekers the Indosheen'' (2013, as Calvin)
*''Small Time'' (2014, as Greedy Bob)
*''[[Suburban Gothic (film)|Suburban Gothic]]'' (2014, as Pope)
*''The Gnashing'' (2014, as Sid)
*''Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink'' (2014, as Hopps Kinney)
*''Jonny's Sweet Revenge'' (2014, as Sully)
*''Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink 2'' (2014, as Hopps Kinney)
*''[[Uncle John (film)|Uncle John]]'' (2015, as Danny)
*''Then There Was'' (2014, as Lee)
*''When the Storm God Rides'' (2014, as Chad Cooper)
*''Texas Heart'' (2014, as Peter / Frank)
*''Crawlspace'' (2015, as Ray Walsh)
*''Burning Kentucky'' (2015, as Rule)
*''[[The Perfect Guy (2015 film)|The Perfect Guy]]'' (2015, as Dalton)
*''[[Fear, Inc.]]'' (2016)
*''The Neighbor'' (2016)<ref>{{cite interview |last=Blevins |first=Ronnie Gene |interviewer=Derek Anderson |title=Q&A: Ronnie Gene Blevins Discusses THE NEIGHBOR and TWIN PEAKS Revival |url=https://dailydead.com/qa-ronnie-gene-blevins-discusses-the-neighbor-and-twin-peaks-revival/ |publisher=Daily Dead |date=14 September 2016 |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref>
*''[[Death Wish (2018 film)|Death Wish]]'' (2018, as Joe)
*''[[Black Tie Nights]]'' (2004, 1 episode, as Nick)
*''Guilty or Innocent?'' (2005, 1 episode, as Detective Max Guilliani)
*''[[Over There (American TV series)|Over There]]'' (2005, 1 episode, as Squad leader)
*''[[Mind of Mencia]]'' (2006, 1 episode, as Revolutionary Ron)
*''[[Californication (TV series)|Californication]]'' (2006, 1 episode, as Guitar Center Employee)
*''[[Lincoln Heights (TV series)|Lincoln Heights]]'' (2007, 1 episode, as Gavin)
*''[[ER (TV series)|ER]]'' (2007, 1 episode, as Nemo Baker)
*''[[The Young and the Restless]]'' (2008, 1 episode, as Franco)
*''[[The Cleaner (TV series)|The Cleaner]]'' (2008, 1 episode, as Jesse Menlo)
*''[[Sons of Anarchy]]'' (2008, 1 episode, as Andy Krieder)
*''[[The Shield (TV series)|The Shield]]'' (2008, 1 episode, as Marcus)
*''[[NCIS (TV series)|NCIS]]'' (2009, 1 episode, as Ronald Nowakowski)
*''[[CSI: Crime Scene Investigation]]'' (2009, 1 episode, as Rudy)
*''[[Saving Grace (TV series)|Saving Grace]]'' (2009, 1 episode, as Vaughn)
*''[[Curb Your Enthusiasm]]'' (2009, 1 episode, as Angry Driver)
*''[[Numb3rs (TV series)|Numb3rs]]'' (2009, 1 episode, as Mutt)
*''[[Southland (TV series)|Southland]]'' (2009 - 2011, 3 episodes, as Barry)
*''[[The Forgotten (TV series)|The Forgotten]]'' (2010, 1 episode, as Eddie Ratner)
*''[[True Blood (TV series)|True Blood]]'' (2010, 2 episodes, as T Dub)
*''[[Medium (TV series)|Medium]]'' (2010, 2 episodes, as The Biker)
*''[[Lie to Me (TV series)|Lie to Me]]'' (2010, 1 episode, as Hoodak)
*''[[Law & Order: LA]]'' (2010, 1 episode, as Cal Gerrity)
*''[[Justified (TV series)|Justified]]'' (2011, 1 episode, as Carter Hayes)
*''[[CSI: NY (TV series)|CSI: NY]]'' (2011, 1 episode, as Mark Fields)
*''[[Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV series)|Hawaii Five-0]]'' (2011, 1 episode, as Jason Akita)
*''[[The Mentalist (TV series)|The Mentalist]]'' (2012, 1 episode, as Elwood Spiller)
*''[[Vegas (2012 TV series)|Vegas]]'' (2012, 1 episode, as Todd Thurman)
*''[[Kingdom (2014 TV series)|Kingdom]]'' (2014, 4 episodes, as Michael)
*''[[Intelligence (U.S. TV series)|Intelligence]]'' (2014, 1 episode, as Luther Vick)
*''[[Shameless (U.S. TV series)|Shameless]]'' (2014, 1 episode, as Lewis)
*''[[Criminal Minds (TV series)|Criminal Minds]]'' (2014, 1 episode, as Miles Lee)
*''[[Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.]]'' (2014, 1 episode, as Deacon)
*''[[True Detective (TV series)|True Detective]]'' (2015, 3 episodes, as Stan)<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/07/who-is-stan-true-detective-mystery-solved |title=Stan from True Detective Speaks! |last=Robinson |first=Joanna |date=30 July 2015 |website=Vanity Fair |publisher= |access-date=13 June 2019}}</ref>
*''[[Twin Peaks (season 3)|Twin Peaks]]'' (2017, 1 episode, as Tommy)
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