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  • ...''Muhammad Avdol'''|モハメド・アヴドゥル|Mohamedo Avuduru}} is a fictional character from the Japanese [[manga]] series, ''[[JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] ==Fictional character biography==
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  • ...buted across the [[Gulf Cooperation Council]] countries including [[United Arab Emirates]], [[Oman]], [[Qatar]], [[Saudi Arabia]], [[Kuwait]] and [[Bahrain ...le Havana, Miami, Florida]]. The hoax yielded international attention. The fictional account within the magazine's "Splashback" section showcased life after Cas
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  • support its Arab allies in their supposedly joint instigation of the [[Arab Spring]].<ref name="hindustantimes">{{cite web ...fictional architects of a major plot to force regime changes in a list of Arab countries that were presumably hostile to the West.
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  • The [[Discworld (world)|Discworld]] is a fictional planet featured in [[Discworld|the novel series]] of the same name. The wor ...s an emblem of its largest and dominant city, [[Ankh-Morpork]]. Most young people who leave the farming areas of the Plains for life in the big city would ha
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  • ...long felt the full brunt of the 'whitewashing' of roles" and that [[Asian people|Asian]]s had experienced it as well.<ref name="brook" /> In the early 20th ...'re just choosing the best actor, they mean we're choosing our friends, or people we're used to."<ref name="brook" /> Craig Detweiler, professor of film hist
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  • |location = [[Dubai Media City]], [[United Arab Emirates]] was adapted in terms of texts and [[content (media)|content]] to suit [[Arab]] culture. Later, the company’s products list increased gradually with mo
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  • ...n freely to exchange the result of his labour for the productions of other people'', and maintaining the practice of protecting one part of the community at Here is the production possibilities frontier for a fictional country, "Country A". For simplicity, assume that the country produces only
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  • prophets have conveyed what He has revealed to them and through them to people. It is vital to avoid sensationalizing or polarizing the debate in the form ...Qur'an in Arabic. Furthermore, Islam is still the dominant religion of the Arab world where Prophet Muhammad was born, bred, and preached his message. Afte
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  • ...ook fair in Frankfurt, Germany, book signings in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Bangladesh.<ref name="bbwhoswho"/> ''[[Into the Light from the Darkness]]'' was published, the book is a fictional novel about a woman's journey towards Islam. Ali cites the [[Quran]] and [[
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  • * [[Abdul Alhazred]] the Mad Arab author of ''Al Azif'', the dread ''Necronomicon'' from various tales by [[H * [[Pug (fictional character)|Pug]], also known as Milamber, the wizard [[protagonist]] of the
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  • [[File:Fictional flag of the Mughal Empire.svg|25px]] [[Mughal Empire]]<br> ...tern territories that would change the lives, economy and politics of that people for centuries to come.<ref name=":15" />
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  • Another difference between Marvel and DC, is that DC utilizes fictional locations for its heroes such as [[Metropolis (comics)|Metropolis]] (for [[ ...onsidered amphibious. The DC superhero ''[[Aquaman]]'' also hails from the fictional Kingdom of Atlantis and is also an amphibious character.<ref name="auto">{{
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  • '''Scripted violence''' broadly describes an author-defined plan of real or fictional violent actions by some perpetrator. The source can range from cultural myt ...eets of Charlottesville shouting 'Jews will not replace us' were very fine people, he can no longer hide anti-Semitic and racist dog-whistles behind attacks
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=List of fictional places in Yes Minister|timestamp=20190716211731|year=2019|month=July|day=16 ...cussion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=List of fictional places in Yes Minister|date=16 July 2019|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • {{short description|Fictional deities from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series}} ...endency to take on a life of its own, and gods are far more obvious to the people of the Disc than they appear to us.
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  • ...ies a central position in both the geography and mythology of the game's [[fictional universe]], having been founded by Sigmar, a legendary warlord and the orig ...against Chaos and the then-Tzar declared Magnus the "Eternal Friend of the People", and their forces have fought together against common enemies many times s
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  • ...him, due to her lingering feelings for Chuck. Cole is one of a handful of people who know Chuck is the Intersect and are not imprisoned. Cole is also impres ...e admits to having no faith in Chuck as a leader, stating that Chuck needs people to like him too much, and is only there to pick up the pieces after Chuck f
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  • {{Infobox fictional location | ethnic_group = [[Bedouin]] Arab
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